Create an efficient organized filing system hoosier indianaCreating and Designing Complete File Management Systems for Hoosier Businesses

The majority of the cost to maintain paper record filing systems is in the personnel time used to find, retrieve and replace documents. Lost or misplaced records delay and inconvenience employees and executives, which can cost your company thousands of dollars. Implementing an efficient filing system is necessary for your business to be successful; however, designing a new filing system can be a challenge because there are so many options for how you can organize and categorize your files. Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in creating complete filing systems for Hoosiers and the state of Indiana. Our filing systems are designed to save floor space and increase worker productivity and include all the file accessories, filing supplies and file services necessary to make your business more efficient.

Finding The Right File Folder to Hold Your DocumentsFile folder design tool to create the right folder for Hoosier businesses filing systems indiana

Choosing the right folder to hold all of your important documents is the first step in creating an efficient filing system. For example, many law firms and attorneys prefer to store their case files in redrope file pockets because they can house many different folders in one expanding pocket. Depending on your exact situation and preference, we will make sure to help guide you to the file folder that best meets your needs.

File Labels Help Identify Folders for Quick Retrieval

color coded file labels promote organizationOnce you have the right file folder, you need a file folder labeling system to help identify what’s in the folder and how you will organize them on your shelf for quick, easy access. There are many different filing systems and label types available. For example, if you work at a hospital and need to manage large quantities of files then a terminal digit (also known as end digit) filing system might work best for you. Our filing experts will work with you and your staff to determine which file labeling system works best for your business.

Chart Dividers Provide Document Organization Inside Your Folders

Now that you have folders and a file labeling system, the organization of documents within your folders will help to increase productivity of your staff. There are all kinds of different kinds of cost effective chart dividers available that allow you to easily design a system that will be specific to your business’ needs.chart dividers organize inside folders

Accessories to Customize Those Hard to Storage Items in Your Filing System

After you have your file folders with chart dividers and file labels, you can add accessories to help you manage those hard to store items. For example, adding pockets to your folders will allow you to store related media documents like cds and photos.

Replace Your File Cabinets With High Density Shelving to Save Floorspace

high density shelving saves space and stores filesOur company goes one step further than the rest because we will help you create an efficient filing system and design space efficient file shelving equipment for your files to be stored in. We provide several types of file storage systems including space saving high density shelving to replace all those vertical and lateral filing cabinets taking up space around your office. High density file shelving compacts together to remove unnecessary aisles that are taking up all your floor space. With a high density shelving system, you can create an access aisle when and where you need it, which can save over 66% of your floor space compared to vertical and lateral file cabinets. Another benefit to the high density file shelving is that it can store more than just files. For example, you can store record boxes, books, binders, and office supplies in high density shelving.

Designing and Planning Filing Systems for Hoosiers

If you are a Hoosier that is interested in a new efficient filing system that will keep your business productive and organized, then give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email. We will set up a free 30 minute consultation with one of our filing specialists to discuss your present filing system and how we can help you improve it.

For the Hoosiers that already know what they are looking for in a file folder, click here to try our fun interactive folder creation tool that will let you design and generate your perfect folder.