Organizing Files With High Density Storage Shelves For Easy File Management

organizing files in high density storage shelves for quick and easy file management

The trend these days is to convert paper files to pdf files (or other types of digital documents) to save up on storage space. Afterward, companies would store the electronic files in cloud storage. However, there is still value in keeping these paper files. You just need a better document management system.

Organizing files with high density storage shelves creates easy file management for your paper records. Listen to what this file manager had to say about her filing system, “Filing paperwork is the worst part of my job because our file room is such a mess! Some files are in lateral cabinets and others are in boxes, and we have so many files that nothing is organized properly anymore. And forget about retrieving office supplies because who wants to break their back trying to find them.”

Do these comments sound familiar to you because that’s exactly how you feel about your filing system? Wish you knew how to create an easy paper file management system? Well we know how, and we will help by designing and installing high density storage shelves that will organize office files and supplies, increase employee productivity and morale, and save you floor space.

High Density Storage Shelves Organize Files and Supplies for Easy File Management

organizing files with color coding for easy file managementMost offices need storage for more than files, but other items like binders, computer media, and office supplies just don’t fit in traditional filing cabinets. High density storage shelving stores files along with all of these other items and more because it can be personalized to meet your exact storage needs.

High density storage shelves widths are available from 24” to 48” in 6” increments, depths are available in 10”, 12”, 13”, 16”, 18”, 24”, 26”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”, and shelving heights are available in 40-1/4”, 64-1/4”, 76-1/4”, 85-1/4”, 85-1/4”, 88-1/4”, 97-1/4”, and 121-1/4” and cut down on 1-1/2” increments. (easy file management system photos)

Organizing Files with High Density Storage Shelves Improves Employee Productivity and Moralehigh density storage shelves promotes easy file management in business offices

High density shelving allows you to create an easy paper file management system that works with your employees instead of against them. For example, one way many clients prefer to organize their paper records and supplies is by keeping inactive record file storage boxes on upper and lower shelf levels and using the convenient middle shelves for active file folder storage.

In every employee’s career, they must have tried scouring filing cabinet after filing cabinet just to find one important document. With high density shelving you will be able to increase your storage capacity and centralize your file and supply storage into one easy to access area. Because employees will no longer have waste their time roaming around different office areas searching for relevant documents, both their productivity and morale will improve.

Easy File Management Means Using Less Floor Spaceeasily manage and store office files and supplies with high density shelves

High density storage shelving is an excellent way for your office to save space. You can save 50% of your floor space compared to traditional filing cabinets or open shelving because high density storage shelves compacts together to remove unnecessary access aisles. The high density storage shelving is mounted on floor tracks that roll together to condense the shelving and can be opened wherever you need to create an aisle to access stored files. (watch video to learn more about space savings with high density shelves).

Ready to increase employee productivity and morale by saving floor space? Contact us by phone at 1-866-634-0513 or send us an email, so we can get started organizing files for easy file management in a high density storage system for your office.