Different File Storage Options for Updating Your Office

Bi-File and Tri-File Track different file storage optionsAre you still using a typewriter or a rotary phone in your office? I didn’t think you were. So, if everything in your office is updated, then why are you still using an outdated file storage system? Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade to a contemporary filing system? If you are unsure what a contemporary filing system is or what it can do for your business, then keep reading because we have numerous different file storage options that will bring your office into the current decade.

Contemporary Filing System One: Bi-File and Tri-File Shelving

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money or do a major overhaul of your filing system, then Bi-File and Tri-File Shelving is the perfect contemporary filing system for you. We can take your existing lateral file cabinets or open file shelving and put them on tracks so they slide back and forth to create a double or triple depth file storage system.Electric Lateral Cabinets are an Ergonomic Contemporary Filing System

Contemporary Filing System Two: Electric Filing Cabinets

For ergonomic and ADA compliant file storage, the electric filing cabinets will work great for your office. Electric filing cabinets minimize physical effort such as twisting, bending, and lifting, and provide easy operation regardless of the user’s body size, posture, or mobility. (Watch Electric Filing Cabinets Video)

Contemporary Filing System Three: Open Stationary Shelving with Rolling Security Doors

A Contemporary Filing System with Open Shelving and Rolling Security DoorsIf you are looking for a system that will create a polished and professional appearance, then consider open stationary shelving with rolling security doors. The open stationary shelving will increase your storage capacity while the rolling security doors will keep your files safe and protected. The rolling security doors will also establish a professional appearance for all your customers and clients to see when they come in your office.

Contemporary Filing System Four: High Density Shelving

If you want the ultimate contemporary filing system, then you need high density shelving. High density shelving is the smart phone of storage systems. You can save over 60% of your office floor space, centralize your file storage area, increase your storage capacity, improve employee productivity, lease less office space, and get a quick return on investment with high density shelving. (Watch High Density Shelving Video)High Density Shelving is a Space Saving Contemporary Filing System

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