high density compact storage for school student record storageConsolidate Student Records and Text Books in High Density Shelving

K-12 schools, private colleges, and universities throughout the country are facing increasing student enrollment due to budget cuts that are forcing schools to merge or close. This means even more student records need to be securely stored in a limited amount of space. If you are dealing with an unorganized mess and trying to fit your student records or text books inside every empty shelf, box, basket, or cabinet because of the lack of space, then a Spacesaver® high density file or book storage system is a great solution. The Spacesaver high density file system organizes records or text books on shelving and then compacts the shelving for greater storage density and space efficiencies.

High Density Storage Shelves for Files, Books, and Record Boxes Saves Floor SpaceSchool text book compact storage shelving

Space in any K-12 school, private college, or university is a precious commodity these days and traditional filing cabinets and static shelving can take up what little space is available. Spacesaver compact shelving lets you manage your floor space more efficiently. High Density storage works by eliminating unnecessary access aisles and creating one or two movable aisles, depending on your specific activity level. This radically condenses the space required for storage by as much as 50% or more, freeing up floor space for other uses. High Density Shelves will store practically anything including files, text books, library books, and record boxes. (view video to see how high density shelving saves floor space)

Organize Student Records and Text Books with High Density Shelving

high density compact student record box shelvingWith high density shelves, you can consolidate all your storage into centralized areas to maximize space. When staff or teachers are looking for stored items, they will know where to find them instead of having to search all over the school. High density storage will improve morale and productivity, which is essential when you are trying to do more with less.

Securely Store Multiple Items from Different Departments in One Centralized Area

Sometimes schools want to create a centralized area to store multiple items from different departments. Well, with high density shelving you can do that with no worries about security. Spacesaver high density shelving has digital keypads that can lock access to shelving rows or individual doors for smaller, more specific storage security. For example, each department can have their own lock and coding to prevent unauthorized access, which means multiple departments can keep their stored items in the same centralized storage area. (view powered high density photo gallery)compact spacesaver student file rolling storage shelving

High Density Storage Planning and Design Assistance for K-12 and Universities

If you are interested in what a Spacesaver high density storage system can do for your K-12 school, private college, or university, give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or email us. We will provide you with a free 30 minute assessment with an experienced storage expert to help decide if high density shelving makes sense for your school.