Spacesaver compact shelving space saving storage reduce carbon footprint sustainable green building designSpacesaver High Density Compact Storage Systems provide sustainable green building practices that contribute to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ Certification. Spacesaver High Density Compact Storage Systems are innovative storage systems uniquely designed to save floor space by converting unused static storage access aisles into productive storage floor space. The Spacesaver high density storage system mounts shelving and/or cabinets onto rolling carriages and places the moving carriages on floor tracks. Rows of shelving or cabinets move from side to side creating a movable floating access aisle where you need it. The number of floating movable access aisles to the storage area will depend on a number of factors including personnel activity and organization of materials.



high density storage racks systems leed certification design shelving reduces construction costs saves energy Kansas City DallasConversion from traditional storage methods with static access aisles to innovative high density storage maximizes the use of floor space, reduces the environmental footprint, and provides substantial cost savings. On a recent project, several Spacesaver Compact High-Density Storage Systems were installed reducing the size of the facility by an estimated 6,100 square feet. Using $179 a square foot as an estimated new construction cost1, the high density storage shelving and cabinets saved $1.09 million dollars on construction costs. The Spacesaver High Density Compact Storage System contributed to the building project’s LEED certification for sustainable design by reducing the Developmental Footprint (Category 1 of LEED 3.0).


Spacesaver high density racks leadership in energy and environmental design leed green building rating systemIn addition to construction costs savings, the Spacesaver High Density Compact Storage System saves on energy costs to heat and cool a facility (does not include insurance or other maintenance costs). Using energy costs of $1.19 a square foot2, the high density compact storage system will save an estimated $7,259 annually. The high density compact storage system contributed to the building project’s LEED Certification for Energy and Atmosphere to Optimize Energy Performance (Category 3 of LEED 3.0).

Whether you are building/designing a new building, looking at expanding your facility, or creating building efficiencies for an existing building, a Spacesaver high-density compact storage solution will help you conserve floor space, reduce energy consumption, and attain your LEED certification goals.

1 Saylor Publications, Inc. (two to three story building on stud frame)

2 U.S. Department of Energy, Building Energy Data Book, Sample Size 4

high density compact storage solution leed certification innovative space saving shelvesinnovative high density storage systems uniquely designed to save floor space

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