Industrial Powered High Density Shelving Solutions by Spacesaver®

Industrial Powered mobile hig density compact shelving storage modular drawers-10Industrial powered shelving systems and heavy-duty electric warehouse racks are built for heavy loads and heavy use (View High Density Powered Shelving Image Gallery). If you are looking for powered shelving that provides safety, productivity, and reliability, think of the industry leader – Spacesaver®. Spacesaver’s industrial powered shelving units will safely move long rows of racks weighing thousands of pounds with a push of a button. These heavy-duty electric warehouse racks operate with the same ease and convenience as the powered windows in your car; just push a button and the shelving or racks move. Electric warehouse racks are especially beneficial when you are looking to maximize productivity, safety, and productivity.

Heavy Duty Electric Warehouse Racks Are Reliable and Safe

Spacesaver is the industry leader in innovative safety systems with more patents than the rest of the industry combined. Spacesaver’s passive safety devices require no thought or action by the user. When a person steps into an open storage aisle, they are automatically protected by several safety devices. The advanced safety system will also protect materials from being damaged that have been accidentally left in an open aisle.

Powered Shelving Security System

animate-pallet-rack-w-logosAny sensitive or proprietary materials can be stored safely and securely in a Spacesaver powered shelving system. The system can be configured to easily prevent personnel unauthorized access to one aisle, several aisles, or the entire storage shelving system. Optional touch pad or key switch controls let you regulate unauthorized access to restricted aisles. Optional locks allow individual carriages to be key-locked in the closed-aisle position for additional security if needed. The electric shelving system can be programmed to automatically close and lock itself at the end of the day or after each use, and can even be electronically linked to your building’s fire alarm, sprinkler or security system.

Designing Industrial Powered Shelving Systems

We specialize in designing industrial powered shelving systems and heavy-duty electric warehouse racks. Our knowledgeable team of material handling specialists can analysis your storage area and provide a comprehensive proposal and plan drawings for your evaluation. For more information on powered shelving, send us a message or call us today at 1-800-803-1083.