Cannabis Vertical Growing Racks

cannabis vertical growing storage racksWith in especially true for the climate-controlled storage that vertical cannabis farming requirecreasing amounts of legalization, cannabis is a growing industry (literally). Since marijuana requires a carefully controlled environment, you probably want to focus more on plant cultivation and less on your physical storage space. But this can be a difficult task when space is at a premium. This is especially true for the climate-controlled storage that vertical cannabis farming requires. Thus, many businesses are turning to cannabis vertical growing systems to combat rising costs.

Unfortunately, cramming as many plants as possible into any available space isn’t an option since it inhibits air movement and limits the plants’ access to light. And it’s much more difficult to tend to individual plants when they’re stuffed into a tiny space. Additionally, there is a constant need to make operations more efficient.

Luckily, compact storage rack systems provide a solution that can meet many of your cannabis vertical growing system needs at once. Instead of taking up space with traditional racks, the systems compact into a much smaller footprint during storage. In fact, a high density rack system can increase your growing space by 50% compared to static storage, making vertical farming much easier. This is because the systems utilize your full vertical space and eliminate the need for extra floor space between aisles,  reducing your real estate costs.marijuana growing vertical storage racks

To access the growing cannabis, the user simply turns a handle or pushes a button on the aisle they need while the other aisles remain compacted together. This video shows how the system works.

Lastly, since cannabis vertical growing requires specialized storage, the compact racks can also be outfitted with various options including LED lights, stainless steel, netting, and more. We would be glad to help you design and customize a system that works for you.

High Density Vertical Cannabis Growing Benefits

  • Space optimization
  • Higher yields
  • Durability
  • Phased installations
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Code compliance

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