Spacesaver Lowers Carbon Footprint Video with Sustainable High-Density Shelving

With so much hype out there about “green building”, it’s hard to know who can really help you or who is just green-washing you. Turn to Spacesaver® for help with innovative storage solutions that will really make a difference in how you utilize space. Spacesaver has already helped numerous facilities obtain Leed certification.

Sustainable High-Density Shelving

One outcome is reducing the carbon footprint of a building which preserves open space and a smaller building required less energy. Spacesaver will also help you to make better use of the space you currently have by reducing non-productive square footage and allowing that space to be used for work areas and other high visibility and functional spaces. For example, there is wasted space between aisles in conventional shelving, but high-density mobile filing and storage allows you to use that space for more practical needs. Saving space is what we do! With just a little thought and planning, Spacesaver consultants will help you utilize storage solutions that will contribute to the success of your next building project.

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