Spacesaver Rotary Cabinets pivot and spin to store more files Spacesaver Rotary Cabinets

Spacesaver rotary storage cabinets pivot and spin to maximize the use of your floorspace. Rotary cabinets are designed to store files and other computer media information all in one space saving cabinet. Spacesaver rotary cabinets are double-banked pivoting cabinets for faster access and more capacity.

Spacesaver Rotary Cabinets Spin to Save Floorspace

Spacesaver rotary cabinets are two-sided double deep cabinets that spin to provide access to each side of the desired cabinet. The spinning rotary cabinet delivers up to 400% more files in the same floorspace than traditional drawer file cabinets. And in today’s economy you need every bit of that information right at your fingertips.

Spacesaver Rotary Cabinets Store a Wide Variety of Media and Supplies

Spacesaver rotary cabinets have flexible interiors capable of storing top tab files, side tab files, forms, literature, supplies, and computer media. Rotary cabinets merge items from file cabinets, storage cabinets, and computer media storage all into one centralized cabinet. Centralizing storage of various media makes information easier to find and closer to the point of use. Spacesaver rotary storage and filing cabinets are true multimedia storage cabinets designed to meet your current needs and flexible enough to meet your future requirements.revit bim models

Spacesaver Rotary Cabinets are Easy to Reconfigure

Rotary cabinets are easily expanded using starter units and adder units. With twelve standard heights Spacesaver has twice the industry average number of cabinets. We have over 200 models plus customizable interiors. Here are just a few of the ways this rotary cabinet can be used:

  • Counter work height
  • Up against walls or office panels
  • Backed to one another
  • In alcoves
  • Free standing room dividers

Layout and Planning for rotary cabinets

Design and planning rotary cabinets is an important part our business. Contact us today or call us toll free 1-800-803-1083 and we will help you layout and plan your rotary cabinets.