Evidence Storage Lockers Maintain the Chain of Custody

Evidence Storage Lockers have unattended access that maintains the ‘Chain of Custody’ of all deposited evidence by providing safe and secure evidence storage at any time. Evidence Storage Locker Handling and Storage System will ensure that:

  • Any future access, by depositor, to evidence is denied.
  • Once deposited, only authorized personnel can remove evidence. revit bim models

With Evidence Storage Lockers keys or combination codes are not required, by depositor, to access system. All doors of unused compartments are in the unlocked mode and held shut by the self-closers. Rear main door of the Evidence Storage Locker remains locked at all times except for removal of evidence.

How to Deposit Evidence Into an Evidence Storage Locker

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  • Select vacant compartment on depositor side of evidence locker.
  • Open the door and deposit evidence.
  • Close door and turn T-handle clockwise to horizontal position and hold.
  • Depress lock button, located in frame adjacent to T-handle to secure door.

How to Retrieve Evidence From an Evidence Storage Locker

  • Unlock and open rear main door on the control side of evidence locker.
  • Remove evidence and prepare for permanent storage.
  • Reset front door by using front release mechanism.
  • T-handle automatically reverts to vertical position.
  • Close rear door and locked.

Refrigerated Evidence Storage Lockers

Refrigerated Evidence Storage Lockers satisfy the need for controlled handling of temperature sensitive non-hazardous evidence. DSM Refrigerated Evidence Storage Lockers can be retrofitted into any existing system. Keyless button locking systems secure individual refrigerated compartments. Dual circulation fans maintain a uniform compartment temperature.

Refrigerated Evidence Storage Lockers Standard Features:

  • Fully assembled and ready for use with stainless steel interior throughout
  • Maintains controlled temperature of 38°F – 42°F (3°C – 5.5°C) with circulation fans
  • ‘Power On’ digital temperature display with keyless locking system prevents re-access by depositor to secured evidence
  • Available in Pass Thru and Non Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers
  • Powered by 115V / 15 amp

Drying Lockers and Drying Cabinets for Evidence Storage

Drying Evidence Storage Cabinets provide controlled access for blood and biological samples that is designed to connect to installed exhaust ducting.

Drying Lockers and Drying Cabinets Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel inside and out with double wall construction with 3 removable racks and removable hanger rod
  • Louvered door vents with replaceable filter with filtered 8″ I.D. top exhaust duct
  • Fine mesh floor screen with magnetic door gaskets with radius interior corners for easier cleaning and drainage pipe with shut-off valve
  • Combination lock on door
  • Outside dimensions (82″H x 36″W x 24″D), Inside dimensions (62″H x 30″W x 21″D)

Evidence Locker Storage Planning and Design Professionals

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of evidence storage professionals are experts in designing and planning law enforcement facilities. Our public safety specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your filing or storage area and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions to save floor space and people time.