Today’s armed forces are being challenged as never before with new missions, base relocations and expansions, and an influx of new equipment, technologies and supplies. Our mission is to help our military leaders meet those challenges with flexible and efficient storage strategies and Military Solutions that ensure a more productive and secure fighting force. From increasing the efficiency and productivity of military personnel to providing equipment to organize, secure and save valuable floor space, our mission is to help the military be more productive and efficient. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

GSA Space Saving Storage and Filing Systems Can Make Your Military Facility Efficient

So, the question is how do you increase productivity and reduce costs to operate your organization more efficiently? You can start by asking yourself the following questions about your organization. If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, then we can help.

  • Does your facility need more space?
  • Do you spend unnecessary time looking for misplaced items or inventory?
  • Do you have files or inventory offsite that need to be stored onsite?
  • Do you need better security for your organization’s records or inventory?
  • Is clutter interfering with your productivity?
  • Are you understaffed?
  • Is pilferage a problem?
  • Is your staff required to lift heavy items or climb ladders to retrieve and store files or parts?
  • Do you need to protect you inventory from the environment?
  • Do you need to store multiple types of equipment and media within the same area?

GSA Military Solutions Storage and Filing Applications

Southwest Solutions Group® represents numerous military solutions on Federal Supply Schedule GSA contracts including SDV contracts, SBA contracts, & Alaska Native 8(a) vehicles to provide storage and filing organization systems for all areas of government. Some of the areas that we can help you be more efficient are:

Military Solutions Storage and Filing Planning Assistance

Understanding the benefits of the different types of storage equipment is important to ensuring the right solution for your facility. Let our team of experts assist you in planning the right equipment for your facility. For more information about our military solutions, please send us a message or call us toll free 1-800-803-1083 to speak with your local representative.