High Bay Mobile Library Shelving for Large Archives

high bay archival shelving librariesAre you running out of space in your library or are paying for off-site storage every month? High bay mobile library large archive shelving is a space-saving and efficiency-boosting solution for storing boxes, books, records, and much more. With up to 35 feet of vertical storage, the high bay shelves ensure that you’re effectively using every inch of the space you’re paying for. The video above shows how the high bay shelves are installed. Click here to watch a video showing how the high bay mobile library shelves work.

Storing Archival Boxes, Records, & Books

Along with the increasing cost of space, libraries and government facilities are storing more and more archival materials. Instead of expanding your off-site warehouse or other storage area, the high bay mobile shelving uses your existing space more efficiently than regular shelving ever could. At five times the height of traditional shelving, high bay systems can reach up to 35 feet with as many as 30 tiers of shelves. Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract

The shelves are mounted on heavy-duty carriages, which compact together when not in use to eliminate the need for extra aisle space. When a user needs to access an aisle, they simply need to push a button to automatically open the needed aisle for access. The two movable aisles can reduce your required storage space in half or can double your capacity in the same footprint used by traditional shelving and racks. The system is also available with several fail-safe safety features to protect archive storage and people using the system.

storing boxes books records mobile high bay shelving

Other benefits include:

  • Maximum space efficiency can decrease your used floor space by as much as 80%
  • Shelving will fit into your existing off-site storage or warehouse building
  • The compact design allows you to save money and benefit the environment with fewer energy and operational costs
  • Flexible and customizable system is designed to meet your exact needs
  • Shelves move automatically and are easy for anyone to use
  • System automatically stops shelf movement when a person or object is in the access aisle
  • Approved for fire safety by the NFPA and integrates with fire suppression systems

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