XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving is an Innovative Archival Storage Solution 

Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract Rising archival storage is exploiting floor space in libraries and government facilities all across the United States. Along with the increasing costs for offsite storage, libraries and government agencies are building or expanding their off-site or warehouse storage areas for books and record boxes. If you are considering building or expanding your archival storage, then you should consider XTend™ Mobile High Bay Shelving. XTend Mobile High Bay Record Vault Shelves are becoming rapidly popular as cost-effective depositories for optimizing library and government archival storage facilities. (XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving Images)

XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving Records Vault ShelvesXTend Mobile High Bay Shelving Makes the Most of Archival Storage Floor Space

XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving vault shelves ascend as high as 35 feet with as many as 30 tiers of shelves, which is five times the height of traditional shelving. The Record Vault Shelves roll on mobile carriages to reduce the number of inactive access aisles and condense the archival storage area down to a very small footprint. Typically, the XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving uses one to two moveable access aisles where traditional fixed type shelving would have six to ten (or more) aisles. Accessing the XTend Shelving is easy, with just the push of a button the rows of shelves will move to create an access aisle when and where you need it. Archives are retrieved and stored via an efficient aisle picker type lift. Also the Xtend Shelving has several fail-safe safety features to protect archives and people using the storage system.

XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving Benefits

Here are just a few of the many benefits XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving provides:Mobile High Bay Shelving for Archival Storage

  1. Maximum Space Efficiency: The XTend Shelving will decrease the amount of archive storage floor space you are using by as much 80%.
  2. Economical: These Records Vault Shelves will fit in your existing off-site storage building or warehouse, which means you won’t have to pay for construction of a new building, or you can construct a much smaller building than you would normally build if you were using static shelves.
  3. Green Friendly: Because the XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving is so space efficient, you will save on energy and other operating costs.
  4. Customizable: This archival storage system is flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of your specific storage or depository facility.
  5. Safe: XTend Shelving has electronic systems to stop the shelving movement when a person enters an open acess aisle. Also, the it’s approved for fire safety by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and integrates with early fire suppression providing fast response to sprinklers to greatly minimize the risk of fires damage.

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