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The Condense Filing System is an innovative file system that enhances productivity and reduces the floor space requirements for file storage. The Condense Filing System mounts rows of file shelving or file cabinets onto steel structures with wheels called carriages. These file shelving carriages (typically 3’ to 45’ in length) are placed onto tracks mounted to the floor and roll back and forth to create a moving or floating access aisle to stored files (click here to see more condense filing system images).

Space Saving Rolling Condense File Shelves

The Condense File Shelves turns unused static access aisle space into productive storage space by providing the right number of moving or floating access aisles based on the size and activity level of your filing area. The Condense Filing System typically uses only one-third the floor space required by traditional file cabinets and costs less too. Saving floor space with a Condense Filing System allows you to lease or build less office space, or increase the capacity of your filing system without using more floor space.

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Manual and Motorized Condense File Shelves

The Condense File Shelves can be easily moved by manually rotating a three-spoke crank mechanism, or automatically by simply pushing a button. The Condense Filing System has several standard and optional safety features to protect users and stored materials in the system.

Serving Memphis and the state of Tennessee With Condense Filing Systems Since 1969

Southwest Solutions Group’s Memphis office provides design, installation, and service for Condense File Shelves for the state of Tennessee. We have a long list of happy clients using our Condense Filing Systems backed by a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Call us today at 901-202-0480 and let one of our Condense Filing System experts help you design a system for your facility.

condense filing system memphis manual rolling file cabinets jackson records room shelving Memphis Jackson Oxford Tupelo

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