Compactor Shelving and Compactorization Storage Systems Billings, MT

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Need to Compact Your Storage or Filing Area? Are you looking to consolidate your storage area because you don’t want to spend the money expanding your building or paying for off-site storage? Southwest Solutions Group® provides high density compactor shelving for businesses in Billings and the rest of the state of Montana.

Mobile Compactor Shelving Cabinets Save Storage Floor Space

We provide innovative storage options that will compact your storage area, which will save you valuable floor space. The compactorization concept simply eliminates wasted storage space and reduces your storage area by 50% or more. Mobile compactor shelving and racks convert traditional static aisles into one or two movable aisles based on the activity level of your storage area. The recouped floor space provided by this compactorization process can now be used for other purposes like new workstations, production lines, or more storage.

Motorized Compactor Shelves and Shelf System Options

compactor shelving cabinets compactorization storage racks billings missoula great falls bozeman butte montanaWhether you are looking for compactor shelves to compactorize a small storage space or a large warehouse we have several options for you. Small compactor shelves are perfect for using in tight storage and filing areas that are expensive to maintain like fireproof vaults or temperature controlled archives. On the other hand, motorized compact pallet racks are great for using in large industrial warehouses. Compactorizing shelving and racks saves floor space, which provides a quick return on investment.

Design and Planning Compactor Shelving and Racks

Whether you need a small manual compactor shelving system for your office or a large motorized compact pallet rack storage system for your warehouse, Southwest Solutions Group® will help you design and plan your storage area. We have been serving Billings and the rest of the state of Montana with compactorized storage solutions since 1969. Call us today at 1800-803-1083 or send us a message to see how compactor shelving and motorized compact pallet racks can work to save space in your storage area.


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