slide a side shelving is a Cost-Effective Way to Increase Storage Capacity

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Slide A Side Shelving are sliding storage shelves that can be used to store binders, books, boxes, files, parts, supplies, and more. Slide A Side shelves are perfect for companies that are looking to increase their storage capacity at a low cost. With configurations of two, three, and four deep, you can determine the design that works best for your space and particular storage needs for businesses in Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka, Overland Park, Olathe, Lawrence, Shawnee, Manhattan, Salina, Lenexa, Columbia, St Joseph, and throughout the state of Kansas.

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How to Design Sliding Storage Shelving to Save Space and Increase Productivity

The ideal design for sliding storage shelves is to focus on keeping frequently used items in the front shelving sections and less frequently used items in the back. This will allow you to access your most needed items quicker because you won’t have to slide units. To access shelves in the back sections, simply move the front shelves side to side. Using Slide A Side shelving, you can expect dramatic floor space savings. Not only does this design save space, it also helps increase productivity because stored items can be centralized in one storage area.

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record box sliding storage shelvingWe have a complete line of box storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore, including stationary box storage shelving, wide span box storage racks, and space-saving sliding box storage shelving systems (below).

The units below have 6 storage levels and range from 6′ 10″ to 7′ high (Click here to see sliding units with 7 storage levels).

Unit Width
2 Rows Deep Units (35″ deep)
3 Rows Deep Units (53″ deep)
4 Rows Deep Units (72″ deep)
5′ 4″
SMS-25-B021BX4P6(stores 36 boxes)
SMS-25-T021BX4P6(stores 48 boxes)
SMS-25-Q021BX4P6(stores 60 boxes)
7′ 4″
SMS-25-B221BX4P6(stores 54 boxes)
SMS-25-T221BX4P6(stores 72 boxes)
SMS-25-Q221BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
10′ 10″
SMS-25-B232BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
SMS-25-T232BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-Q232BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
12′ 10″
SMS-25-B054BX4P6(stores 108 boxes)
SMS-25-T054BX4P6(stores 156 boxes)
SMS-25-Q054BX4P6(stores 204 boxes)
14′ 4″
SMS-25-B243BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-T243BX4P6(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-Q243BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
15′ 4″
SMS-25-B065BX4P6(stores 132 boxes)
SMS-25-T065BX4P6(stores 192 boxes)
SMS-25-Q065BX4P6(stores 252 boxes)
17′ 10″
SMS-25-B254BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
SMS-25-T254BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-Q254BX4P6(stores 306 boxes)
20′ 4″
SMS-25-B087BX4P(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-T087BX4P6(stores 264 boxes)
SMS-25-Q087BX4P6(stores 348 boxes)
21′ 4″
SMS-25-B265BX4P(stores 198 boxes)
SMS-25-T265BX4P6(stores 288 boxes)
SMS-25-Q265BX4P6(stores 378 boxes)
24′ 10″
SMS-25-B276BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-T276BX4P6(stores 342 boxes)
SMS-25-Q276BX4P6(stores 450 boxes)
28′ 4″
SMS-25-B287BX4P6(stores 270 boxes)
SMS-25-T287BX4P6(stores 396 boxes)
SMS-25-Q287BX4P6(stores 522 boxes)


sliding storage shelves kansas city wichita topeka overland park olathe lawrence shawnee manhattan salina lenexa columbia st joseph

Available Accessories for Sliding Storage Shelves

There are many accessories available to customize your sliding storage shelves for your unique needs, including:

  • Pull-out reference and posting shelves for setting files on while re-filing and pulling files
  • Bin dividers and label holders for label shelves
  • Lockable rolling tambour doors and flipper doors for security of stored files

How to Save Money with slide a side shelving

If your business is concerned about saving money, you can use your existing shelves, racks, or cabinets and place them on new rolling carriages and tracks. Slide A Side shelves are so easy to install that they can generally be installed without professional assistance, but installation services are available if needed.

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