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Barcode Tracking Software

Barcode Tracking Software is used to identify, locate, and track documents, files, records, assets, and boxes to and from specific locations. These tacking systems help you automate and manage the location of files, boxes, and other assets for more efficient operations.

Barcode Tracking Software Document Management

Printing barcodes and applying them to file folders, record boxes, and documents will pinpoint their current location to help eliminate time searching for documents and files as they move throughout your office and offsite storage facility. Barcode tracking software provides users with a standardize method of capturing information on a file or record and links that information to a simple barcode label that tracks the location and when the document was created and when it needs to be destroyed.

Barcode Tracking and The Paperless Office

Barcoding can play an important part to preparing your organization to transition to the paperless office. The barcode tracking software database can provide information to automate the document backfile indexing and scanning process when moving to digital imaging.

More Information on Barcode Tracking Software

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