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Last updated: December 02, 2016

Popular shelving adapted for unique mobile library application

wall mounted bookmobile storageThe ease-of-adaptability of the ever-popular cantilever shelving soared to new heights when an uncommon request of a custom truck manufacturer as received. It was meant to accommodate needs tied to an unlikely, yet unique application of wall-mounted bookmobile storage shelves. The units were to be featured within the interior of a customized bus, which had been restored for the purpose of storing portable library collection used by an international public library. Read more about articles about the shelving adapted for storing portable library collection.

Wall-mounted bookmobile storage shelves hold & stabilize library collection

Priority above all else, was ensuring that the wall-mounted bookmobile storage shelves were nothing short of reliable when it came to holding and stabilizing a wide assortment of materials. Everything from large prints materials, fiction and non-fiction for adults and audiovisuals for children and adults to magazines, fiction for young adults, picture books and children's books had to be well accommodated for. Subsequently, it was decided that those with a sloped, low-back that measured 15" deep and 36" wide would work just fine for most of the space used for storing portable library collection. Its depth, combined with its one-of-a-kind design, was deemed efficient enough to keep books from dropping down off the front of the shelves while in motion or when trying to stop.

Aesthetically-pleasing wall-mounted bookmobile storage shelves

shelves for storing portable library collectionThere were, however, a few smaller sections where these wall-mounted bookmobile storage shelves would not be ideal. They simply protruded too far in the area above the mobile library's cabinetry. Ten-inch shelving, which still featured the preferred sloped, low-back design, were installed there. A mix of standard paint colors - including black, cottonwood and Nordic- add to the appearance of  the wall-mounted bookmobile storage shelves. The truck manufacturer even put their own touch to the installation by coating several shelves with varying other bright colors, leaving it with an aesthetically-pleasing look. See images of the cantilever shelving used for wall-mounted bookmobile storage shelves.

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