Using Vertical Lift Modules for Multi-Level Parts Distribution vertical-lift-storage-system-mezzanine-remstar-kadex-megamat

If you are looking for an efficient way to manage parts in your warehouse or manufacturing facility, we have an innovative solution for you, a dual purpose Vertical Lift Module (VLM) that can be used as a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor VRC. The VLM can be used for both parts storage and multi-level parts distribution. The VLM is an all in one machine that will save floor space, increase picking productivity, and move parts from one floor level to another, just like a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor. (see photo gallery of VLMs)

How the VLM Works As A Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor VRC

The VLM is a vertical enclosed parts storage machine that stores trays up to 14′ wide by 4′-2″ deep by 98′-7″ high. These machines not only efficiently store small and large parts, but also will extend through building floors to serve as a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor for muti-level parts distribution. The VLM system has vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform, and a series of computerized controls that allow operators to stay in one place as the VLM delivers items to an ergonomically positioned workstation. The VLM Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor links multiple floors or mezzanine levels with up to eight pick windows to create a parts elevator for multi-level parts distribution. Below are some standard VLM -Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor machine widths, heights, weight capacities, and specifications.

An Example of How the VRC is Used for Parts Storage and Multi-Level Parts Distribution

We worked with a large manufacturing company that was looking for a way to save space and increase productivity in their maintenance and repair operations area. The company was storing small and medium size parts in bin shelving on a two level mezzanine located on the first floor of the facility. Each level of the mezzanine took up 600 square feet. The third floor of the facility was used to store larger, heavy duty parts.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor VRC Parts Distribution Specifications

When employees needed to pick a small part, it could take between five to ten minutes because they had to walk up the stairs, search through the small bin drawers for the part, and then walk back down the stairs to deliver the part. If they needed to transport a heavy part from the third floor, the employee would have to retrieve the part, take an elevator down to the first floor, and then walk the part over to where it was needed.

We worked with them to install a 40 foot tall VLM that stores all the small and medium parts and acts as a parts elevator for transporting the heavy duty parts on the third floor. The VLM doubles as a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor going through all three floors of the facility with openings on the first floor and third floor.

Because the VLM only occupies 119 square feet, the company was able to remove the mezzanine and use the recovered floor space for office cubicles. Small and medium parts are now brought directly to the employee at the ergonomic workstation, so they no longer have to waste time wandering around the mezzanine. If an employee needs to send a heavy duty part from the third floor to the first floor, they can just load it on an empty tray and the Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor will deliver it to the employee on the first floor.

Designing and Planning VLM and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors for Your Warehouse or Manufacturing Facility

Designing and planning the right Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor VRC for parts storage and multi-level parts distribution is a key part of our services. Contact us today by phone at 1-800-803 and schedule an appointment to have one of our experienced representatives provide a free space analysis for your warehouse or manufacturing facility.


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