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Last updated: June 18, 2018

Proper Evidence Storage on Sourcewell Bid Contract

storage for weapons drugs biological high value evidenceIn our criminal justice system, any unanswered questions or doubts about how evidence was handled at any step of the collection to presentation process can lead it to be disqualified. This is why a well-documented chain of custody is so important, and why law enforcement facilities need storage systems that allow officers to establish and maintain it. One sheriff's office installed storage for weapons, drugs, biological, and high value evidence on a Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) bid contract to improve workflow, enhance security, increase storage capacity, and ensure the chain of custody.

Evidence Lockers & Shelving

The sheriff's office was facing the same problem that many law enforcement facilities experience: an increasing amount of evidence that needed to be stored, including valuable items such as drugs, guns, and biological specimens that need refrigeration, and an ever-diminishing amount of adequate storage space for them. Due to budget constraints, the sheriff's department had to resort to using small lockers with padlocks for evidence storage, and dorm refrigerators for biological evidence. The storage areas were cramped and overcrowded, and this left the department at risk of leaving a step in the chain of custody undocumented. In addition, the floorplan of the office was outdated and led to an inefficient workflow for processing evidence. So when they were approved funding for a new building, improving their evidence storage system was a top priority.

njpa bid contract evidence weapons drugs narcotics storageThe new storage systems were planned and purchased through a Sourcewell contract, which made all parts of the process easy and accessible to all members of the project team and decision-makers.

Now the new evidence storage system is a model of efficiency and accountability. In the evidence processing room, technicians can retrieve evidence without having to leave the room. Officers and deputies book the evidence through sally port lockers located near the vehicle entrance. Other evidence is stored via pass-through evidence storage lockers, which have automatically locking doors in front and back. This allows officers to deposit evidence for the technicians to retrieve from within the evidence room. Click here to watch a video about how pass-through evidence lockers work.

A refrigerated evidence locker was also installed to ensure that biological evidence is maintained at the proper temperature. A high density compact storage system was installed for longer-term evidence storage areas to eliminate wasted aisle space. High density shelving was also installed in a separate storage room for drugs and weapons, with additional roll-down security doors to provide additional security. Click here to watch a video about how high density shelving works.

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