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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Advantages of using hygienic hospital drug supply flow bin storage

sterile trays medical racks cartsIntegrating sterile trays into medical racks and carts creates hygienic hospital drug supply flow bin storage flexible enough to use in nursing homes. As a sanitary and modular solution, healthcare facilities can benefit in many ways during use. Some advantages include:

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  • Personnel will find transporting medications from central pharmacies and storage to ward pharmacies and patient rooms easier.
  • Staff can use available space with improved efficiency and still have added capacity to store and organize more until maximizing the footprint.
  • Users have improved accessibility to medications and can see stored contents, eliminating picking errors during retrieval.
  • Helps improve labeling systems and keep ward pharmacy stock better organized.
  • Reduces medication delivery mistakes to keep patients safe and healthy.

Sterile trays used with medical racks and carts save space

hygienic hospital drug supply flow bin storageThe sterile trays used in conjunction with medical racks and carts have smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces and allow machine washing. Made from durable plastic, the baskets and dividers are simple and safe to clean, helping increase its reusability potential. Facilities can meet patient needs using the same sanitary equipment and have fewer costs.

Systems include a safety-stop function that prevents them from accidentally falling out during user access. The baskets, as well as items stored inside then avoid getting damaged or dirty. Users can attach label holders that help promote organization to the basket's top edge or front. Add the components to the dividers as well as to ensure extra protection against picking errors during retrieval. The space-saving units allow users optimal storage use while organizing different-sized supplies. Personnel can even stack the modules to save space during nonuse and divider locks prevent partitions from popping out under heavy loads.

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