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Last updated: August 21, 2018

Multifunctional hygienic mobile clinic bin trolleys

sterile hospital drawer carts basket storageSterile hospital drawer carts with basket storage create hygienic mobile clinic bin trolleys flexible enough to allow multifunctional use. Made from quality materials chosen to meet strict sustainability and sanitary criteria, systems have built-in walls which can fit safety stops and support wheels that promote improved ergonomic use. Pick from assorted fronts, dimensions and specific configurations with modules that help create a personalized solution which fits user needs.

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Units can have up to four different front styles that provide a custom look with clean, attractive aesthetics.
Available options include:

  • An open front that allows users free access to the interior
  • Roller shutters provide material security while ensuring flexible, easy operation from the top or bottom
  • Doors with high-quality hinges help prevent item tampering and theft while facilitating comfortable access
  • Convenient handles allow modules to function as drawers

Sterile hospital drawer carts ensure optimal ergonomic & basket storage use

hygienic mobile clinic bin trolleysThe sterile hospital drawer carts come in many sizes and heights that ensure optimal ergonomic and basket storage use. One type can fit modules and containers depth-wise while the other accommodates components width-wise, allowing users to maximize the available space. It helps create a cleaner environment that keeps medical supplies safe and organized during transit. Systems can accommodate combination locks that provide secure key and code access to prevent unauthorized use and theft. Others, like RFID locks, ensure added security while allowing programming with specialized passes.

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