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Last updated: May 14, 2018

Library bookshelves make scanning reading materials easier

static library media shelvesStatic library media shelves and picture book display storage with dividers and browsing bins make scanning reading materials easier on users. While systems look different in design to ensure ergonomic access, each includes components which separate space to allow efficient and maximum use. Each help stored materials keep their shape while providing a visible barrier to reduce restocking errors. Staff and patrons alike have organized and easy access to items, making retrieval faster and more efficient.

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Ergonomic safe static library media shelves

The taller static library media shelves include other components on the exterior that create a floating effect which adds pleasing aesthetics. Books stored there face front and are positioned to ensure total ergonomic reachability. Shelving aisles feature materials with spines facing out to allow easy title reading and have ample space in between to keep users safe from injury.

Picture book display storage eases title recognition & access

picture book display storage dividers browsing binsShorter picture book display storage features a two-tone color design that looks attractive and clean. The tops provide a convenient work surface with more than enough space to ease referencing or highlight popular reads. Stored items stand or sit angled facing front or with spines out to allow kids easier title recognition and access.

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