Strong steel cantilevered bookshelves provide flexibility

flexible library display storage shelvingSteel cantilevered bookshelves have the flexibility needed to manage a staggering amount of material with improved efficiency. It’s a good thing, too, because even with library usage showing significant decline in recent years, one library system’s circulation numbers have held relatively steady over the last few months and were recorded as being in the tens of thousands. This flexible library display storage shelving is also incredibly strong and performances well, even with the weight of different sized books bearing down on it. The proof is in its design, which is made up of single or double-faced upright columns welded to perpendicular bases. By the same token, the 42 to 90-inch height and six-inch increment measurements of its standard uprights, plus eight to 12-inch range shelf depths in 1-inch increments, stand to affirm its level of flexibility. It also functions just as well in a mobile capacity by adding casters to its frames.

Flexible library display storage shelving maximizes shelf capacity in less space

Flexible library display storage shelving can be designed to accommodate any combination of items needing to be made available for viewing by patrons, while also offering the maximum shelf capacity allowed in less space. In addition to shelving depths already mentioned, an additional 15-3/4″ depth is available for over-sized materials, greater storage capacity, and tiered display. Its back panels are accommodated by inner slots, while support for adjustable shelving, accessories, and other components is provided for by outer slots. There are also a multitude of display options to choose from, all of which, can be configured to your specifications to give you the look you desire. For instance, if you’re searching for an option that produces a nominal footprint, plus improves exposure and eases browsing of items housed on lower shelves, then a specific type of angled steel cantilevered bookshelves is what you need. It is its unique shape that gives flexible library display storage shelving its ability to present materials so well. Everything stored there is equally accessible and allowed to be given an increased level of consideration when browsing as a result.

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Compliant flexible library display storage shelving

steel cantilevered book shelvesIf your library is located in an area prone to natural disasters, like earthquakes, don’t worry. Flexible library display storage shelving is equipped to handle such cases and perfectly capable of withstanding harsh conditions brought on by Mother Nature. A combination of components provides the support needed for the systems to comply with higher seismic requirements. Stability is provided for by gussets that are welded rather than clipped to the upright columns of steel cantilevered bookshelves. Additional support is provided for by floor and wall anchoring mechanisms. Steel cantilevered books shelves are just one type of library storage we offer. (See more)

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