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Stainless countertop shelving cabinets allow efficient workflow

stainless countertop shelving cabinetsStainless countertop shelving cabinets have drawers, overhead storage and a pass-thru window that allow productive activities to flow with more efficiency. Cleanliness and modularity combine to create an attractive casework solution with the power to fight infections while providing users total design flexibility. Many components that make up the sanitary system have a closed design that helps keep dust out and stored items germ-free. One area does include an open design that speeds visible access to items stored there while promoting good hygiene.

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Stainless countertop shelving cabinets promote cleanliness & more

drawers overhead storage pass thru windowThe featured stainless countertop shelving cabinets have an integrated sink where users can wash and sterilize surgical instruments. Right below users can access drawers that run along to across the other side, except in one area. Each features easy-to-open pull handles with full extension ball bearing slides that allow users total visible access to items.

The overhead storage hangs from the wall with secure ease to promote better space use. A pass-thru window on another wall provides a clear view into a separate room with a similar design. It includes extra workspace and helps ease material transferral to limit handling and reduce unhealthy bacteria sharing. Interior shelves allow users total adjustability on 1/2" increments to maximize space efficiency. Trim around the hospital workstation's top edge adds a clean and attractive finish while preventing spills from damaging the walls.

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