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Last updated: January 02, 2019

Adjustable satellite office workstations promote productivity

shelves locker storage counter cabinetsAdding garment accessories and shelves to locker storage counter cabinets provide adjustable satellite office workstations that allow use in collaboration areas. Designed to function in this capacity, users avoid cluttering up the workspace with personal items. This includes outdoor apparel that can make it look disorganized and unclean. Personnel still has convenient, ergonomic access to their belongings but avoids getting distracted and can focus on tasks.

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Versatile locker storage counter cabinets

Integrating shelves to the locker storage counter cabinets ensures users have the flexibility to optimize the available space. Keep it as is or change the area around to accommodate specific needs with increased efficiency. Users can pick from ready-made options or choose to configure their with these features:

  • adjustable satellite office workstationsMade with modular parts that provide maximum design versatility.
  • Individual locking storage ensures secure, private use in areas with high foot-traffic volumes.
  • Many theft protection lock options available to address specific application security concerns, including:
  1. Locking lever handle
  2. Locking round handle
  3. Electronic keypad
  • Two door styles available to pick from, including:
  1. Left hand or right-hand swing options that allow ergonomic use.
  2. Perforated front doors that allow proper airflow to prevent moisture buildup and promote cleanliness.
  • Optional laminated countertops available to add an attractive and clean look.
  • Many standard colors available without VOCs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

As an alternative, users can design the versatile solution to look and function as space-saving mobile workforce storage. Personnel can then relocate it in moments to optimize the floor space without rearranging or expanding the area. Other design possibilities include:

  • Patron storage in libraries or museums
  • Retail web order retrieval
  • Apartment building delivery drop boxes
  • Police evidence pass-through systems

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