Modular Casework Overview

Modular casework cabinets are factory manufactured to precise and consistent measurements. These environmentally-friendly cabinets are moveable and depreciable as personal property. Click here to learn more about modular and moveable casework.

Prefabricated Casework Cabinets

Prefabricated Casework Cabinets (read more)

Modular Millwork Casework

Modular Millwork Casework (read more)

Features of Modular Casework

Features of Modular Casework (read more)

Wall-Mounted Seating

If you’re looking for an innovative, space-saving seating solution, look no further than Wall Mounted Seating. This unique seating solution is perfect for smaller spaces and allows you to create additional seating without taking up extra floor space.

Wall Mount Seating Overview

Wall Mount Seating Overview (read more)

Cantilever Wall-Mounted Seats

Cantilever Wall-Mounted Seats (read more)

Fold Down Seating

Fold Down Seating (read more)