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Last updated: July 24, 2020

An Innovative Solution to Help Organizations Adapt to Changes

shape height adjustable workstations offer several setup optionsOver the last few years, people have written a lot about change and how it’s accelerating beyond the ability of formal organizational structures to adapt. Innovation guru Gary Hamel says, "The organizations that survive in the coming decades will be those that are capable of change as fast as change itself."

As part of that strategy to adapt to changes, employers will need to invest in workspaces that offer cost-effective ways to meet organizational needs now and in the future. One solution is the Shape height adjustable workstation.

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Why Use the Shape Height Adjustable Workstations

Shape height adjustable workstations are a fully integrated and comprehensive mobile desking systems. Research has shown that sitting all day is almost as bad for your health as smoking.

With the Shape workstation, employees can adjust their space to work either sitting or standing, and at their ideal ergonomic height. With a simple push of a button, the Shape workstations adjust in height from 26-52 inches.

mobile space saving sit stand desks fold down for storageAnd while similar to typical sit/stand desks, the Shape workstation goes one step further to perform multiple functions. For example, the Shape workstation is on casters so that it can be moved anywhere you need it. The workstation also quickly folds up, allowing it to be stored out of the way whenever you need to make room for other activities.

Also, the flip top can be used as a white board/grease board for a portable conference room. In fact, because of its compact size and extreme durability, you can take it with you anywhere. Another unique feature is that you can manage your power and data in the workstation. Finally, because the Shape workstations are fully assembled, there is no additional cost for on-site setup.

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