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Record Box Storage Shelving to Save Space

space saver record box storageA few inches of wasted space may not seem like much of a problem, especially if you're storing boxes; you just want them all to fit, right? Unfortunately, these wasted inches add up into tons of wasted space across an entire facility. Space saver record box storage shelving is available in sizes from 12" to 48" in one-inch increments and wide-span shelving from 15"-48" deep and 48" to 96" wide. This will ensure that your shelves are the correct size for storing boxes, and that not an inch of space is wasted. This is especially critical for institutions that need compact storage for uniformly-sized boxes, where no space can be wasted. For even more space savings, the record box storage shelving can also be mounted on mobile carriages.

Record Box Storage Solutions

For example, one Department of Transportation facility needed to accommodate more offices in their building while still having enough room for storing record boxes. Record box storage shelving was mounted on heavy-duty mobile carriages without the department having to alter the storage room prior to installation. In the two rooms allocated for records storage, the department is now able to store 2,070 banker boxes, along with 2,430 boxes in the Records Center along with regular file folders, rolled maps, and other items. The solution has not only improved efficiency and productivity, but has also provided twice the storage capacity in the same space as before. Read about high density mobile shelving.

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Similarly, two police departments also needed to store a large number of standard-sized evidence boxes in long-term shelving. One department installed a compact mobile system with 40" deep shelving, which accommodated the boxes perfectly without wasting space.record box storage shelving maximize space

At the other police department, their previous shelving was the correct depth, but were too narrow to accommodate six evidence boxes. 9.5 inches of space were wasted on each shelf, which quickly added up. The department ordered a shelving unit that would fit exactly three boxes across, with adjusted heights that would store more boxes efficiently in a much narrower space.

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