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Mobile Industrial Racking for Freezer Applications

powered mobile industrial rackingPowered mobile industrial racking allows facility managers to save time and money by eliminating wasted aisle space, and now these space-saving systems can be used in cold storage and freezer applications as well. With just the push of a button at the desired location, the mobile industrial racking slides open to create an aisle wide enough for forklifts to navigate through or compacts together to store large and bulky items in 50% to 60% less space than traditional racking. Click here to learn more about how mobile industrial racking works.

Space Savings for Specialized Storage

The powered mobile industrial racking provides leaps and bounds of conveniency and efficiency over standard racks that are well-suited even to cold storage and freezer facilities. In these applications, space is at a premium due to high cooling costs—and the less space you need to use, the less money you need to spend controlling its temperature.cold storage freezer applications mobile racking

Powered mobile industrial racking has been used increasingly in beverage distributorships and other freezer and cold storage applications. Now, the industrial racking is available with an electronic control system that is fully operational at or above -20ºF. Just because your storage application is unique doesn't mean that you should have to sacrifice organization, selectivity, space savings, and safety; the mobile industrial racking allows you to have it all. Click here to learn more about how industrial mobile racks can improve your cold storage application.

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