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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Packing tape & paper roll storage trolleys promote ergonomic material handling

packing tape paper roll storage trolleys

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Low packing tape and paper roll storage trolleys or carts have adjustable shelving and partitions that allow flexible placement to ensure user comfort while handling items. To streamline the process, warehouse personnel can adapt the components using a hex key. Then, have access to the safest and most ergonomic work conditions while assembling parcel shipments.

Carts with adjustable shelving & partitions

The carts with adjustable shelving and partitions allow users to create space-efficient compartments that keep everything organized. Standard models include six or eight metal dividers durable enough to keep materials separate, helping prevent picking errors. Integrate bins to ensure stored items have added dust and damage protection during transit.

carts adjustable shelving partitions

All configurations roll on swivel casters, allowing users to relocate units underneath packing benches and save space. Employees have easy material access and can assemble parcels with more efficiency. Systems have an attractive powder-coat steel finish durable enough to provide lasting, reliable service.

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