rfid storage cabinet lockerRFID storage cabinet locking systems are a popular solution for storage and locker systems. You’ll find these locking systems everywhere, from lockers installed in universities and offices to cabinets deployed in law enforcement agencies. The RFID cabinet lock is a suitable and secure alternative to conventional lock and key mechanisms. Access cards are easier to carry than keys, and tampering with them is difficult. The system itself has many tiers of benefits, as you’ll discover in this handy guide.

Several industries are using this progressive technology, including healthcare and law enforcement. You will also find RFID cabinets in locker rooms at sports arenas and spas, educational institutes, and gyms. Let’s analyze what RFID technology actually is and how it effectively addresses the security concerns when it comes to storage.

What Are RFID Cabinets?

RFID refers to radio frequency identification. RFID is an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) device that uses radio waves to identify items or personnel. It carries out tracking using RFID tags, access cards, or wristbands. The technology enables tracking of items as its core application. 

This function can be extended through solutions such as RFID smart cabinet systems to provide automatic logging, access control, asset tracking, and other functionalities. RFID operates without human intervention and is a reliable tool that adds a strong security layer to conventional storage cabinets and makes them convenient to use.

RFID cabinet locking systems consist of RFID tags, cards, or wristbands with integrated circuits carrying encoded user identification data. The RFID reader constantly sends out radio waves through the antennas placed inside the cabinets. These radio waves bounce back from the tag, carrying the identification data. 

The reader decodes this data and determines whether to provide access to the user or not. It can further record these access logs into a computer and extract a detailed report to identify metrics such as who accessed the cabinet, how frequently the cabinet was accessed, and any unauthorized attempt to access the cabinet.

Let’s take a closer look at how RFID cabinets help through their numerous applications.

Key Features and Use Cases of RFID Cabinets

rfid locking storage cabinetRFID storage cabinets are ideal in places where security and access control are vital. Hence, these are extensively used in healthcare facilities, pharmacies, military, education, and several other sectors. The essential qualities that make these units the preferred storage systems in these industries include:

Safety and Accountability

RFID tags can replace lock and key as the more secure option. These tags use encrypted IDs that are hard to duplicate. Additionally, access cards or wristbands stay on the person’s body most of the time, reducing the chances of theft or misplacement.

The entire RFID mechanism is hidden inside the cabinet so that external tampering becomes practically impossible. When a person accesses the locker, the system makes an entry in the database about the time and ID, making it easy to track the whereabouts of any sensitive item stored in the cabinet.

It is possible to set mobile alerts when someone accesses the locker to ensure that no one makes unauthorized attempts.

Access control becomes even more critical when more than one person has access to the locker. For example, when you need to maintain a chain of custody, you do not need to make any manual entries or keep track of the item. Everything is digitized.

The digitization further guarantees that the database itself isn’t tampered with. Authorized persons can also readily access the information on mobile devices remotely. This feature makes it invaluable to law enforcement departments that require storing evidence, weapons, and ammunition securely.

Secure and Efficient Asset Management

rfid card scanner cabinet lockWhile RFID tags help track users accessing the cabinets, the same technology can track inventory.

Hospitals may store and use expensive equipment that needs secure storage, narcotics, and other controlled substances that are common targets of theft and misuse. The RFID cabinet locking system enables access control and provides several tracking parameters such as quantity and time of usage before return. You can even set up your system to generate statistical reports for analysis.

Dedicated solutions such as narcotics storage, for example, work best by coupling RFID with personalized technologies such as automatic dispensing of the medication to stock management, including tracking and alerts for low stock.

In armed agencies, it is possible to control who has access to weapons and delegate access remotely during critical conditions. The system allows tracking ammunition, recording the quantity withdrawn and the person who withdrew it. Such a feature helps in preventing gun violence while also ensuring that the agency’s records stay clean.

The same system can be used for military applications such as for training and tactical purposes. It works equally well with personal armaments with options such as an RFID lock for gun cabinets.

Smart medicine cabinets for procedure room storage form another exciting use case of this secure locking system. These cabinets can help the hospital staff to keep track of the stock, set up alerts for shortages, and place orders automatically. With real-time tracking, staff can cross-reference the equipment with patient data to know which patient used the device last. The system can also track medicine expiration dates and essentially keep the stock always optimally full and ready to disperse, keeping the medical facility efficient at all times.

Convenience and Scalability

The RFID storage cabinets are straightforward to install and set up. They are entirely self-operated and thus eliminate the need for additional personnel who would record and manage the keys. It helps reduce cost, but more importantly, it removes any chances of human error.rfid smart storage cabinet security

Anyone can use this access process without technical knowledge. On the other end, cabinet users can attach the access cards as ID badges, carry them in their wallet, or wear it as a wristband.

When there’s a need to scale the system for additional storage, you can easily modify or increase the storage space by adding more cabinets without disrupting the entire system. You simply require adding new cabinets to the existing database, and the system will automatically start tracking and logging access information for these units.

Reliability and Affordability

RFID storage cabinets are important solutions because of the extent of their usage and adoption. RFID is a decades-old technology, and industries still prefer it because the technology is reliable and straightforward.

The technology provides uninterrupted and secure access to stored items in cabinets with devices that are simple, easy to install and use. As opposed to biometric scanners and other devices, RFID is more accessible and cost-effective to organizations willing to upgrade storage security minus the need to have complex technology.

The cabinets that employ this locking system use wired electricity and come with optional battery backups for emergencies and power outages.

RFID tags used in access cards or other devices do not need any electricity to operate and can sustain day-to-day use. When compared to keys, they are also easier to manage and carry. These tags are small enough to fit on an access card or a wristband. They are not only unnoticeable but can be carried around as accessories. Further, these tags eliminate the need for spare keys that could be easily misplaced or misused.

As a solution, RFID cabinets ensure access to storage 24×7, even in rough weather conditions. Apart from simplicity, RFID cabinets stand strong among the available smart storage solutions thanks to the technology’s reliability.

Design Flexibility

rfid cabinet narcotics storageWhile RFID cabinets serve as a reliable storage system with access control technology, these intelligent cabinets are also highly adaptive to aesthetics and space considerations.

Since the access control technology is relatively compact, the hidden RFID cabinet lock occupies a smaller space in the cabinet’s body, giving you more storage space within the floor area.

Apart from being compact, these cabinets are modular and can fit ergonomically into any space. The material treatment may be wood, metal, or metal alloys that are rugged and aesthetical, as would serve the purpose. RFID cabinets work with any possible material treatment.

These smart cabinets come in various shapes and sizes, storing anything from mobile phones and wallets to larger medical devices.

Innovative Key Cabinets

Below are three various types of key storage cabinets to protect and track your keys. Each of the key cabinets below includes an RFID reader and key tags. Key compartment is 1.5″ x 1.6″ x 2.9″. These cabinets can be configured with different-sized compartments to store an assortment of items.

Optional Items: video camera, voice control, biometric reader, and magnetic card reader for a  more secure combination lock option.

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How Southwest Solutions Group Can Help

RFID cabinets are widely used for secure storage, temporary storage, or any other personalized storage need. If you are stocking sensitive supplies or simply want an extra layer of protection for your lockers, you should consider installing an RFID cabinet locking system.

We believe in keeping supplies as well as employee articles safe and organized. You should seek due guidance in selecting the right RFID cabinets and ask for personalized options that better serve your storage needs.

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for RFID cabinets. We also offer a free consultation to determine your exact storage needs and specifications before the design process begins.

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