Storage Space Management Ideas for Reducing Your Building Footprint

Southwest Solutions Group® has many storage space management ideas for government agencies looking to reduce their building footprint and comply with OMB M-12-12. Instead of leasing or building more office space, we will help you co-locate and consolidate your stored items to reduce real-estate costs. We have many different space management ideas, but the list below contains the best solutions for truly maximizing your space to reduce your building footprint.

help reduce building footprint by going paperless with digital documents

Storage Space Management Idea #1: Go Paperless

There is no way around it; paperwork takes up a lot of space. That’s why our number one recommendation for reducing your building footprint is to go paperless. Digital documents can be used just like paper, but don’t take up any real-estate in your office. Even if you aren’t able to or aren’t ready to get rid of all your paper, you can still take small steps to get started converting some of your paper to a digital format. Watch a video to learn more about the paperless office.

Storage Space Management Idea #2: Remove Shelving Access Aisles

high density storage shelving for space efficient management M-12-12 guidelines ideas

Did you know that the access aisles between each row of your shelves are wasting as much as 50% of your office’s storage floor space? Now that you know, we have a solution for removing them – high density storage shelving. The high density storage concept is based on converting traditional aisles into one or two movable aisles based on your activity level. Eliminating unnecessary access aisles in your office’s storage area will help reduce your building footprint and allow you to condense materials, increase storage capacity, and recoup valuable floor space for other uses. Read more about high density storage shelving and its additional benefits.

Storage Space Management Idea #3: Extend Up

You can easily extend your storage up by replacing lateral filing cabinets with an electric file cabinet. With its more than 2,700 linear filing inches of letter-sized filing space, the electric file cabinet will store the equivalent of approximately 27 lateral filing cabinets in a fraction of the space. Reducing your building footprint is just one of the many benefits of an electric file cabinet; read about some of the other benefits of electric file cabinets.

reduce your building footprint to save real-estate costs meet OMB M-12-12 guidelines

Contact Us for Help Reducing Your Building Footprint

Reducing your building footprint isn’t the easiest thing for government agency offices to do, but with our space management ideas we can help. So, if you are looking to consolidate storage space; increase occupancy rates in facilities; eliminate lease arrangements that are not cost or space effective; and maintain compliance with OMB M-12-12 give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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