open shelf file storage shelves save floor space and increase productivity and reduce office costsMost companies pay less attention to file and record systems than other areas of their business because filing systems are viewed as a cost and not an income-generating business function (View File Storage Systems Images). But taking a closer look at Reducing Office Costs with revenue generating File Storage Systems may reveal some substantial opportunities to generate revenues while reducing your overhead operating costs.

Is Your File Storage System Designed to Reduce Office Costs

A well designed file storage system has researched, produced or studied the following filing system attributes:

  • A flow chart of information in your office
  • An inventory of records
  • A training manual for records management
  • A standardization labeling method for files
  • Researched the latest information technology tools (barcoding and imaging)
  • Ways to increase productivity and eliminate misfiles
  • Regularly scheduled purges of inactive files from the active filing system
  • Researched open shelf side tab color-coded file shelving versus a top tab file cabinets
  • Examined security of files and information from unauthorized access
  • Surveyed users for ways to improve the filing system

Reducing Office Costs With File Storage Systems

A well designed File Storage System will reduce office costs and have a direct and positive effect on your company’s revenues efficiency, profitability, and client customer satisfaction. Below are examples of organizations that have taken advantage of filing system solutions to make their business more profitable.

  • A global integrated materials and technology group used high density file shelving to downsize their offices by 50% allowing them to reduce lease and overhead costs to stay in their upscale building space.
  • A public defender’s office was able to significantly reduce frustration by reorganizing their records, and consolidate all of their records from several locations into one record room and still have room for growth.
  • A national collections department reduced construction and energy costs using rotary file cabinets while consolidating 150 locations into 8 locations.

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