Sustainability, Return on Investment and Flexibility

demountable walls are a modular solution to divide spaceIn the past, most company’s tended to focus solely on upfront costs when dealing with new construction. Over the past few years this has changed. Businesses are becoming more and more interested in sustainability, return on investment and flexibility. This explains why demountable walls are becoming more and more popular today. And for good reason.

Benefits of Using Demountable Walls Instead of Drywall

Demountable walls have many benefits when compared to drywall construction, some of them include:

  • satisfy the functional interior wall needs of an office space and speed up construction
  • offer modular flexibility for reuse and reconfiguration even after the project is complete
  • have a history of successful use and durability in a wide variety of settings
  • increase the sustainability of your construction project
  • depreciate faster than drywall to offer a quicker return on your investment

And there’s one other benefit to using demountable walls: the design options. With drywall you’re very limited in what you can do, but with demountable walls the sky is the limit.

Aesthetic Design Options Available with Demountable Walls

Here are just some of the aesthetic design options available with demountable walls.

glass demountable walls for appealing designProfile Shapes: There are a wide variety of profiles including rectangular, curved and butt glazed. And while profiles are usually aluminum, steel systems are more durable and environmentally friendly.

Doors/Hardware: Doors can be hinged, pivoting, sliding or telescoping, in wood, laminate, glass or combinations. Also, standard hardware is offered but most manufacturers can also accommodate owner supplied or special hardware.

Finish Options: There is an almost endless choice of finishes including wood, laminate, fabric, paint or glass. In addition, film can either be applied at the factory or in the field. Glass can also be locally sourced for a better, more sustainable wall.

Contact Us for More Information on Demountable Walls

In the end the choice is clear. If you want a wall that’s sustainable, looks great, improves flexibility, then demountable walls are your best option. To learn more about demountable walls, Southwest Solutions Group® has architectural interior experts that can help. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will put you in touch with a representative.


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