Why You Should Use Movable Office Walls Instead of Drywall to Divide & Partition Your Spacecost-effective and sustainable movable office walls

Movable office walls are as simple as they sound; they are just like traditional drywall or gypsum board construction, but they can be moved at any time without the need to demolish anything. There are also many other efficiencies that movable office walls offer to divide and partition your space, including:

Ease of Installation

Movable office walls are fully constructed off-site at the factory and sent to you completely ready to install. Within just a few days and with almost no disruption to your office, you can have the walls completely installed and ready to go. Drywall requires days and an entire construction crew to create walls on-site.

Flexibility to Relocate

Because the walls are not built-in, they can be relocated at any time. For example, if you currently have 4 small office spaces and need to change the floor plan to accommodate 2 larger office spaces and a conference room, you can make this change in a very tight timeframe. With drywall construction, you might be looking at months before this can be accomplished.

movable office walls offer design versatility with glass options

Design Versatility

There are numerous materials that can be incorporated into the movable office walls. Glass panels can be used to create a partition while still letting in natural light. Glass also has the benefit of creating separation while still giving the illusion of togetherness. For creative environments or just for fun, you can pick from a variety of colors or even white boards to inspire employees. And all of these design choices can be easily changed at any time in the future.


While movable office walls might have a higher upfront cost, they pay for themselves the moment you move them. Why? Because an installation team can be there on short notice to move them. With drywall, you have to get the correct permits to make the change, and hire a construction crew to build the walls. These hidden costs that you might not think about right away can add up quickly making drywall construction more expensive.

Sustainabilitymovable office walls will divide and partition space

Most of the elements of movable office walls are made from recycled materials, and they can be removed from your office at any time. They can be stored until you are ready to use them again. Drywall cannot be reused; it’s ripped out and thrown in a landfill, and if you ever want the wall back, you have to start all over again.

Southwest Solutions Group is Your Go-To For Movable Office Walls

Movable office walls divide and partition your space today, while offering you the freedom to change your space tomorrow. Open office floor plans can easily coexist with conference rooms, hoteling spaces, training areas, and private offices because of the advantages movable office walls have over drywall. If you are interested in learning more and speaking to a specialist, contact Southwest Solutions Group® by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.