how keyless lockers improve office workflowIn today’s climate, everybody is looking for ways to get a leg up in the marketplace, and smart lockers are rapidly changing the way our offices look and feel. In light of the growing demands of the modern workplace, many employers have quickly recognized the need to offer employees the convenience and flexibility of working from anywhere.

Smart lockers are a surprisingly flexible tool for securing equipment and managing workflow. They can benefit offices of any size, from a small agency to the sprawling campuses of a multinational corporation. Some business sectors are relying heavily on smart lockers to drive future growth. The flexibility and versatility of smart lockers make them well-suited for solving storage and distribution challenges in many industries.

But there is no one-size-fits-all management plan that everyone can use. To deploy the best possible locker system for your business, it is important to understand how smart lockers work, what they can do, and how other businesses have successfully used them.

What are Smart Lockers?

As the prefix suggests, these lockers employ smart technologies for their functioning and operations. Smart technology in any product refers to having an onboard sensing and computing system capable of monitoring itself and analyzing its data to make automated performance changes.

This capability makes smart lockers a secure storage solution that allows automated package delivery, notification, and distribution. For example, once a package is delivered into a smart locker system, the onboard system notifies the recipient that their package is ready for pickup and provides them with access instructions. It can also charge electronics, flag assets that need repairs, and alert designated personnel to irregularities in sign-out patterns.

Traditional storage lockers used to be secured with lock and key mechanisms. In contrast, these smart lockers use a keyless method of gaining access to their contents. Hence they are also known as keyless lockers or keyless electronic lockers. Once the user arrives at the locker location, staff can gain access by entering their verification information in the form of either an access code, order number, or barcode that they can scan.

What are the Types of Keyless Lockers Southwest Solutions Group Offers?

keyless electronic office storage lockers“Smart lockers” or “keyless lockers” is an umbrella term under which a wide variety of products exist. While storage solutions such as filing cabinets are ubiquitous to offices, they do not offer much in terms of the protection of valuable assets of the business. Few of the electronic keyless lockers listed below can allow companies to track their valuable possessions.

Corporate Office Lobby Wall Lockers

These lobby wall lockers provide a reception area storage facility. They can be stacked up to three-tier high to maximize an office’s footprint efficiency. The keyless cabinet locks ensure that employees have regulated and secure access to their personal belongings. Also, by placing these lockers in the reception area, employees can conveniently access them while arriving at or leaving the office.

Corporate Office Pavilion Wall Lockers

Office pavilion wall lockers offer tall, attractive systems with interior shelves providing enough space between levels to keep everything organized and undamaged. The compartment doors open wide with an ergonomic pull handle to protect owners from injury. Security locks regulate access to personal valuables such as purses, wallets, and more from being stolen during work.

These units avoid the floor while integrated behind a separate counter-high partition and span an underused area to promote better space efficiency. It allows for safe and efficient access to the area, plus privacy in public spaces. The lockers also have exterior nameplates to ensure organized use while the staff secure or retrieve the items.

Day Use Lockers

Day use Lockers are an essential item in designing storage for offices. They help store fragile equipment and protect them from damage. You can mount these units on the wall or utilize them as a room divider to promote social distancing.

To add a further layer of security and convenience, you can use smart automated storage lockers. They help establish a secure chain of custody for storing mail, dry cleaning, or grocery items by the employees. The delivery items needing to be stored are logged into the system using the provided touch screen. Upon deposition, the intended recipient is notified via email or text message. This notification includes the location of where the delivered item can be collected and an access code to open the locker.

electronic smart keyless storage lockersFor more temporary use, you can employ corridor wall cabinets to maximize footprint efficiency. It spans five tiers high to avoid wasting premium space, while its two-tone design lends an attractive and clean look to your office environment. They also come with soft closing metal doors with combination locks, thus offering security without disturbing other employees.

Access Control Lockers

Access control locker systems can identify users and log all the user data, thus increasing the security of your office assets while providing easy usability and keyless access to your employees. They are electronically powered and accessed by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When a guest or an employee requests to unlock a door, this information is sent to the Access Control lock, which will immediately allow or deny access.

These systems can also be managed remotely via a mobile app. You access the app with personalized credentials, view log reports, access permissions. And since all system data gets stored in a centralized database, any changes made by the user will be automatically synced.

RFID Lockers

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) locking system enables lockers to provide high security without the cumbersome task of managing keys. The RFID components, locking mechanism, and power pack are all located inside the cabinet to increase safety and avoid vandalism and theft, making it an excellent option for locker rooms.

RFID lockers are not only more secure than conventional cabinets, but they are also a more cost-effective method without compromising on aesthetics. RFID locks are engineered to function on metal, wood, or any other material used to make storage. They can also be retrofitted to existing lockers. They offer an easy-to-install, touchless keycard entry and a weatherproof security option to lockers access control

Keyless Lockers Benefits

  • Increased efficiency with 24/7 secure access
  • Tracking and auditing capabilities from digital technology
  • More efficient use of space
  • Frees up resources (budget, time, employee)
  • Lowered cost
  • Convenience to end-users
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design

How Keyless Lockers Can Improve Your Business’s Performance

Less Stressful Workplace; More Satisfied Employees

Keyless lockers are an investment in your business’s future. Having a locker management solution secures the personal belongings of both employees and visitors, allowing them to work anywhere in the office without being worried about their personal belongings or confidential documents.

Also, cluttered desks with jackets hanging on the back of a chair or bags and personal belongings lying on the table don’t project the image of a modern business. An aesthetically pleasing and organized office promotes your business’ brand image and helps improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. Storage solutions in workplace design are a key enabler of dynamic working. And flexible storage can increase the autonomy of employees in choosing where to work from.

Modern Technology

keyless office day use lockersSmart technologies eliminate the hassles associated with traditional lock and key storage systems. No more issuing and re-issuing keys, no need to keep a manual record of locker usage, and no hassles when people lose the keys!

These technologies are easy to install, intuitive, and can also be fitted into existing systems. It truly adapts to your organization and enables the desired way of working. Smart lockers save time and significantly reduce the amount of administrative work while improving productivity and employee-wellbeing without compromising on equipment security or the office’s aesthetic.


In this data-driven world, visibility is crucial to space optimization. Smart lockers provide real-time data and insights on their usage, and one can use this data to open a whole different dimension to space utilization and space-saving. They also log details such as who the lockers are assigned to, how long, and how often the lockers were used. Such an automated log can not only help with maintaining a database but also with tracking down on theft or vandalism.

Employees working in modern workplaces use the office for shorter periods or, based on the day’s agenda, they occupy various spaces during the day, leaving various areas of the office vacant or unused most of the time. Such a dynamic use of the workspace is only possible due to the freedom to access storage space when and where required.

Improve Your Workflow in Your Office with Southwest Solutions 

Smart lockers are a booming toolset to modernize and innovate workplaces in the coming years. And since these technologies are relatively new, you need to ensure that you work with experts who can assess the unique needs of your business to provide you with the right solution.

Give your customers, employees, and residents peace of mind by investing in electronic storage lockers. Keyless security lockers for the office allow your employees to protect their belongings during work.

At Southwest Solutions Group®, we believe smart lockers can help your business run more smoothly. Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for keyless electronic lockers. Free consultations are available to determine you and your business’s exact needs before the design process begins.

To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-866-445-8859 or contact us today to add smart lockers to your organization.


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