Reducing Business Operating Expenses

automated storage carousels reduce business operating expensesEmployee salaries are one of the top five biggest business expenses. Another expense is the rising cost of rent. According to, “Rent prices for office space are on the rise. Nationally, the average rate for office space in the second quarter of 2013 was $23.23 per square foot, a 2.1 percent increase from $22.75 at this time last year.” And this doesn’t include the costs associated with heating, cooling, and insuring the space.

So if your business is going to pay so much money on these operating expenses, it makes sense to seriously consider the most effective way to store and retrieve all of the different types of media and information in your office. Kardex Remstar’s automated storage carousels will optimize your office space and maximize employee productivity so that you won’t waste a dime. Click here to learn more about automated storage carousels. (See videos See videos)

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Automated Storage Carousels Make the Most Out of Every Inch of Space

The number of filing inches that can be accommodated within the footprint of any storage system is a key efficiency indicator, and there can be a dramatic variance between the capacities of different solution types. By taking advantage of cubic volume and not square area, automated storage carousels optimize floor space.

And the carousels unit can be built right up to ceiling height, or when considered at the design stages of a building, can even be built to go through a number of floors while maintaining the same footprint. Compared to other solutions, it is one of the most efficient in terms of linear storage inches per square foot of floor space – up to twice as efficient as drawer and lateral cabinets.

automated storage carousels save and optimize office floor space

Automated Storage Carousels Enhance Productivity

automated storage carousels improve employee productivityProductivity can be measured by establishing how long it takes for users to access key information or retrieve certain items. Is there an unnecessary amount of non-productive activity, such as walking around the office, bending or stretching, to carry out the task? What happens if the item being searched for is not there, lost, or misplaced? How much time is then spent searching or lost items?

By introducing automation in filing and storage, the storage carousels enable tasks to be carried out from one seated or standing location, without the need to move away from the workstation. Time and motion studies clearly show that productivity gains of over 100% are experienced by users of automated storage carousels when compared to manual systems such as drawer and lateral cabinets as well as static shelving.

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