Take Your Locker Room to the Next Level with Back-Painted Glass Lockers

Glass Front Locker Keyless Acrylic Back PaintedThink about walking into a locker room at a fitness club or pool facility. Dull gray steel lockers line the walls, perhaps rusting around the edges. Or maybe the lockers are plastic laminate, many of them chipped, discolored, or warped from exposure to moisture over the years. Such a locker room might be at best unremarkable to visitors, who will simply get in and out as quickly as they can. But at worst, an unappealing locker room can make the whole facility feel outdated and low-quality. Click here to learn more about keyless lockers.
Now replace these run-of-the-mill lockers with sleek glass panes, painted in vivid colors that captivate the senses. The glass locker doors give off a reflective sheen and create an atmosphere that feels clean, fresh, and polished. This locker room makes an immediate impression the moment a visitor walks in. It illustrates that your facility is modern and high-class, a place they’ll remember and be eager to come back to.
Welcome to the magic of back-painted glass lockers. This popular and practical new locker choice is a must-have for fitness clubs, gyms, and businesses that are looking to update their locker room facilities to reflect a classy, modern aesthetic. Read on to learn how back-painted glass lockers:

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Back-Painted Glass Lockers Create a Memorable Aesthetic

Back-painted glass door lockers, or glass front lockers, provide your facility with a polished, modern aesthetic and create a memorable experience for visitors. Back-painted glass lockers have doors made of tempered glass, which affords extra durability. These glass doors are painted on one side and mounted with the painted side at the back. Thus, the color appears through the transparent front of the pane, affording both an appealing sheen and vivid color that shows clearly through the low-iron glass. And for businesses that prefer acrylic options, a nearly identical effect can be achieved.

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For high-class membership clubs and corporate interiors, glass front lockers have become a popular alternative to hardwood lockers for a durable and elegant aesthetic in both wet and dry applications. Define the atmosphere of the room with colors of your choice, whether stately blacks or grays, clean whites, bold reds and yellows, soothing blues and greens, and more. The back-painted glass door design keeps the colors pure over time, free from stains or discoloration. And have no fears about vandalism: the glass surfaces are easily wiped down to maintain a clean, elegant look.

Back-Painted Glass Lockers Promote a Sanitary Environment

Glass Front Lockers Back Painted Keyless Fob LockThe benefits of glass front lockers include more than just aesthetics, however. Glass lockers are especially practical because of how easy it is to keep them clean. In high-traffic locker areas, being able to sanitize the lockers quickly and efficiently is essential for preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. For glass front lockers, cleaning staff can easily wipe down the glass surfaces to rid them of germs, not to mention smudges, fingerprints, and graffiti. Furthermore, glass is non-porous, which helps to ensure that germs can’t get through and collect inside the locker. For facilities concerned with keeping their locker rooms sanitary and preventing the spread of germs, back-painted glass lockers are a great option. Not only will cleaning staff appreciate the ease of maintaining the lockers, but members and visitors can trust that the lockers are as clean as they look. Click here to learn about touchless locker options.

Back-Painted Glass Lockers Work Well in High-Moisture Areas

Lockers for high-humidity applications such as swimming pool areas must be carefully selected. Most steel lockers are susceptible to rust and corrosion, and plastic laminate lockers tend to warp or delaminate when exposed to moisture. Glass front lockers are a great choice for high-moisture areas because they will not rust or warp. Moisture resistant configurations designed specifically for wet areas feature a ventilated interior made of aluminum or another corrosion-free material, guaranteeing a lasting high-quality aesthetic even in high-moisture applications like your poolside locker room.

Back-Painted Glass Lockers Provide Secure Storage

Fit your glass or acrylic lockers with a lock that suits your unique needs. For lockers in high-moisture areas, manual key locks are the best option. But for lockers in dry areas, consider some of our more high-tech options to complement your modern aesthetic. Digital keypad access is a convenient option that doesn’t require keeping up with a key and allows the user to set a custom passcode. This option is great for temporary use lockers since the locks can be easily reset for a new user. An ADA-compliant alternative is an RFID configuration which the user unlocks with a key fob or badge. From these options and more, choose a lock configuration that best suits the needs of your business to allow your members to securely store their personal belongings without fear of theft or tampering. Click here to read more articles about athletic gear storage lockers.

Back-Painted Glass Lockers Customize to Your Unique Needs

Glass Lockers Keyless Fob Access Acrylic InstalledAs a final benefit, you can customize glass front lockers to whichever configuration best suits your unique needs. Besides the choices of colors and locking options, you can also customize the dimensions and configurations of your glass front lockers. Choose single-tier, multi-tier, L or Z configurations, or design lockers according to your specific requirements: if you can sketch it, we can build it. An ADA-compliant design is available as well. Contact our team for assistance in deciding which locker layout is right for you.
As mentioned earlier, another option is using acrylic rather than glass for a more lightweight alternative. The acrylic doors are made of a sturdy transparent plastic material with a higher resistance to impact, though they scratch more easily. Acrylic front lockers appear nearly identical to the glass and share many of the same benefits, making them a great alternative for businesses with serious concerns about potential damage or shattering.

Contact Us for Back-Painted Glass Lockers

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for your back-painted glass or acrylic lockers. Free consultations are available to determine you and your business’s exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and a professional representative will contact you.


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