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Last updated: December 13, 2018

Adjustable controlled drug shelf storage vaults promote comfort & save space

narcotics wall cabinet key safesDouble-door narcotics wall cabinet key safes provide adjustable controlled drug shelf storage vaults with more reliable security to prevent unauthorized access. Use the flexible space inside to store illegal opiates seized during patient intake. It allows staff to execute proper substance disposal or transferal to police investigating crimes. Systems allow secure installation to underused areas and hang high off the floor, promoting ergonomics and space savings.

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Secure narcotics wall cabinet key safes

With two lockable access points, the sturdy narcotics wall cabinet key safes provide ample tamperproof evidence protection. Authorized users can configure interior components to create the most space-efficient environment. Personnel can then keep confiscated items organized and safe until officers arrive to retrieve it. Everything delivered to police during custody exchanges maintains integrity, ensuring error-free processing.

adjustable controlled drug shelf storage vaultsConstruction: Made from 20-gauge steel durable enough to provide reliable service.

Doors and Locks: Depending on the model users' choose, cabinets come with one or two doors sturdy enough to safeguard against material theft and tampering. All available options have a double key locking system that authorized users can depend on to regulate access. Access doors can have hinges on the left or right, allowing users some flexibility during the design stage.

 Assembly: Cabinets ship assembled with pre-drilled holes to allow easier wall mounting during installation, speeding use.

Made in the USA

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited Warranty

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