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Museum entomological insect collection cabinets protect bug sample integrity

museum entomological insect collection cabinetsMuseum entomological insect collection cabinets offer to protect bug samples from natural elements that have the potential to damage their integrity. Each accommodates double locking doors to secure species and provide airtight specimen storage. Units include only brackets, which help stabilize drawer components in place. Its double locking doors feature a multi-point latching system that helps provide a closed seal. It prevents exposure to light and pests and prohibits the build up of dust and moisture to keep stored collections safe.

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Drawer museum entomological insect collection cabinets organize bug samples

Adding trays to the museum entomological insect collection cabinets will help keep bug samples organized. There is enough space between brackets to store drawers in an efficient manner, without crowding items to ensure proper preservation. Trays used to protect and store collections also adjust on 3/4" centers without tools to provide optimal space use. Their 18-gauge welded steel construction ensures long-lasting durable use. Standard and heavy-duty load capacities vary from 250 to 500 pounds per shelf based on even weight distribution.

Features for museum entomological insect collection cabinets

  • airtight specimen storageMuseum entomological insect collection cabinets feature all-welded heavy-duty steel construction. Units blend 18 gauge doors, tops, bottoms, backs and sides with a 12 gauge base to ensure sturdiness. Steel inserts made from 20 gauge metal.
  • All edges get folded to provide a smooth surface that prevents snagging of folders
  • Depending on cabinet size, doors accommodate a four-point or six-point latching system for airtight specimen storage
  • Locking compression handles help provide a closed seal
  • Total non-off gassing silicon gaskets provide rigidity to protect stored materials
  • Removable doors lift off the hinges to make accessing collection storage more convenient for users
  • Glass or solid doors available to provide increased collection visibility or security
  • Leveling base
  • Solvent-free powder-coated finish provides an attractive look and promotes environmental friendliness
  • Large pull-out work shelf (optional) provides extra space for studying specimens
  • Vents (optional) allow air to circulate so items don't deteriorate while in storage
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty relating to workmanship and materials

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