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Courthouse storage preserves probate literature

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municipal deed cabinets removable drawersMunicipal deed cabinets with removable drawers provide courthouse storage for probate literature that legal professionals need to preserve in the purest form. Their design ensures ample space to store and secure folded paperwork with sensitive details that require safekeeping from environmental factors. Historical records exposed to light, dust, and insects could incur damage that brings up questions about the authenticity, halting legal action. Made in USA, units include 12, 18, 24 and 36 drawers with more than enough capacity to accommodate these exact documents.

Features for municipal deed cabinets

The municipal deed cabinets with removable drawers have many attractive features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

Construction: Cabinet framework (top, sides, back, and base) made from durable 20-gauge cold rolled steel that is formed, reinforced, and spot welded.

courthouse storage probate literature

Drawers: Drawers made from 22-gauge cold rolled steel with an 18-gauge rear panel which serves as a stop to prevent bins from being pulled out of the cabinet when fully extended. Each allows easy removal while users lift and tilt the components out from position and have a pull handle that speeds access to materials.

Finish: Finished with non-reactive solvent-free powder coating which gets electrostatically applied and baked to a hard finish. It features no off-gassing of formaldehyde and organic acid.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited seven-year warranty.

Made in the USA.

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