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Movable retail shelves with compacting racks maximize shop inventory space

movable retail shelves compacting racksMovable retail shelves with compacting racks provide mobile boot and belt box merchandise storage that looks stylish while allowing users to maximize space. It moves over floor tracks to create or eliminate a space-efficient aisle while users operate a hand crank. Turn it and open shelf rows slide together until resting in a footprint that frees up wasted space to allow maximum use. Engage the component once more and the now-closed rows separate to allow clerks more convenient accessibility.

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Stylish & functional mobile boot & belt box merchandise storage

Experts adapted the space-saving system to accommodate a local retailer who relocated its operation to a smaller space in town. While the move would attract more foot traffic, it would not include backroom storage and staff didn't want to store inventory behind drapes or a wall. The end solution would need to function within the available space and still have pleasing aesthetics that fit the environment.

The company's creative director knew about the system's use in a library, but others on the store's design team wondered if they could adapt the concept and use it in a retail environment. The staff made contact with a local distributor to talk through configuring movable retail shelves with compact racks and more, including:

  • Where within the retail space to locate the system?
  • What would the optimal size be?

mobile boot belt box merchandise storageApart from the technical details, the shop's founder made experts aware that the system must appear to reflect the band's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The discussion then focused on things like color and texture to ensure the solution would have an elevated look with a more elegant feel. It would lead to creating mobile boot and belt box merchandise storage that has as much style and functionality as the items it stores.

The robust system stores all the required inventory in a footprint that uses up to 50 percent less capacity to maximize space use. Clerks can stack sale items that need accessible accommodation one on top of the other to maximize the available space. It sleek black appearance even adds visual appeal and pleasing aesthetics that fit the environment.

Watch a video on how high-density movable compacting shelf racks work to allow maximum space use within an existing footprint.

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