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Last updated: March 12, 2018

Compact storage organizes janitorial paper products & maximizes space

compact storage janitorial paperHere, experts used a newer hanging track mobile shelf solution that installs overhead and moves side-to-side to maximize maintenance supply space within a school sports arena. It occupies a lesser utilized area right under stadium seating and provides compact storage that keeps janitorial paper products and cleaning solutions organized. The unit's design even includes a rack above the shelving with more space to store extra supplies. Continue reading to learn more about the system's installation and use.

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Unlike other mobile shelf systems that must integrate with rails on the floor to move, this solution requires neither which means users can factor in fewer components when calculating installation costs. With fewer parts to assemble, users can save on material and manage installation with greater ease to speed use. Units "levitate" without ever touching the floor, allowing users to sweep and clean underneath with ease.

The shelves slide sideways to maximize capacity and provide secure access while hanging from a track above, allowing users to look at the space-saving concept in a new light. Its use within the area under the stadium seating means staff avoids using behind the scenes overcrowed storage areas and promote better space use in others. The system shipped right to the arena, where university employees assembled it in place.

Compact storage keeps student-athletes & fans safe

mobile shelf hanging track stadium seating rackCompact in design, the mobile shelf storage allows users to double capacity usage in the same footprint. It provides the school sports arena staff with ample space to keep supplies that help maintain the facility on hand and away from student-athletes and fans to ensure safety. Janitorial paper towels and other cleaning solutions are well-organized and hidden from the fun and festive fan atmosphere above.

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