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Last updated: December 14, 2015

Recovering Manufacturing Work Area Space

mobile equipment carriages manufacturingA manufacturing firm needed space on their production floor to dedicate to periodic product testing. Staff also needed access to chest freezers as well as large, flat work benches to conduct the tests. The firm had these work benches set up year-round, but since the testing is not continuous, the work areas take up much valuable manufacturing floor space that went unused for most of the year. Mobile equipment carriages were installed to recover manufacturing floor space for work benches. Click here to watch a video about how the mobile equipment carriages work.

300 Square Feet of Space Saved

Staff at the firm determined that mobile equipment carriages would provide an ideal and space-saving solution. Instead of all equipment staying out on the manufacturing floor at all times, the equipment is stored on movable carriages. The carriages move side to side on rails to house the equipment in a compact footprint when not in use. When the equipment needs to be retrieved for texting, the carriages easily expand to provide access to work areas.

recover manufacturing floor space work benches

The mobile storage system has allowed the manufacturing facility to recover 300 square feet of high-value manufacturing floor space while also maintaining convenient access to freezers and work benches. The mobile carriages are also temperature-controlled and are easily compatible with cold storage areas.

Adjustable height work benches and assembly tables are also available to buy online. Click here to browse our online store for work benches we offer.

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