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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Military deployment bulk backpack lockers keep war gear safe

military deployment bulk backpack lockersMilitary deployment bulk backpack lockers provide servicemen oversize duffel bag storage durable and secure enough to keep war gear safe. Troops can stow everything upright to ensure nothing gets damaged and performs up to standard during active duty. It provides every branch with a safer, more efficient alternative to leaving valued resources in unsecured areas exposed to increased unlawful theft.

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Servicemen oversize duffel bag storage

Servicemen oversize duffel bag storage access doors can have a solid design that provides total material security without adding to the cost. The access points open wide when unlocked to ensure users' can retrieve items without discomfort or injury. It promotes safer equipment handling and ready use during emergency missions.

Systems can feature affordable alternative door options with louvered or perforated designs. Either allow airflow to reach the interior and keep stored items clean and dust free. Experts can adapt units with budget-friendly solid and ventilation-style doors to create a solution that provides efficient security and airflow, too. All configurations deliver enough protection to ensure stored gear perform during combat.

servicemen oversize duffel bag storageLocker Widths: Measuring 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48" available to accommodate facilities' application needs.

Locker Depths: Measure 24" deep.

Locker Heights: Measure 72", 78" and 84" high.

Door Options: Available with solid, louver, and ventilated diamond perforation designs that provide security and airflow to keep stored items clean and safe. Doors made from 14-gauge steel with noise-reducing continuous hinges to limit disruption during use. Handles have a lever-type design with padlock lugs (padlock not included) that include 3-point latching system to prevent resource tampering and theft. Doors (field riveting required) easy to install with rivets.

Side Panel Options: Available in solid or ventilated diamond perforation designs that provide security or airflow to keep everything safe and clean.

Body Construction: Body constructed from sturdy 16-gauge steel with 18-gauge backs that provide added durability.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled with easy do-it-yourself instructions that guide users' through installation. Ask experts about affordable assembly charges if wanting units to arrive assembled.

Finish: Available in a wide choice of colors that provide pleasing aesthetics. Paint applied using a specialized coating process that resists corrosion and improves paint adhesion.

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