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Vertical Lift Modules Provide Efficient Tool Storage for an Automotive Company

An automotive parts supply company wanted to create more space in one of their plants for tool storage. The lack of ergonomics and poor appearance of the outdated shelf parts storage units were in need of improvement. Three new MegaStar Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) were selected for their flexibility, minimum space requirement, short access times, and protection of stored items. (view Vertical Lift Module images)

MegaStar VLM for Automotive Company Tool Storage vertical lift modules

The Vertical Lift Module’s Flexibility Equals Maximum Space Savings

Because the automotive company tool storage inventory consisted of a wide variety tool heights and sizes, the new storage system needed to be flexibile to accomodate their needs. The client chose MegaStar because of it’s FlexiSpace™ smart storage technology. The FlexiSpace™ system automatically measures the height of items placed on storage trays and then stores the tray in an available storage location corresponding to the tray’s height requirement. In addition to optimizing space utilization, the MegaStar’s Near and Far™ Technology shortens access times by locating frequently requested trays closest to the picking port. Click here to learn more about Vertical Lift Modules.

The MegaStar’s trays have a variety of accessories which enabled the automotive company to sub-divide storage trays to facilitate maximum space efficiency within the trays. Various tool sizes can be accommodated in the same tray too. Also, the trays in the VLM can be reconfigured as future tool storage needs change.

MegaStar VLM Technology Protects Users and Increases Productivity

Vertical Lift Modules flexispace smart storage technology

The MegaLift Vertical Lift Module includes safety features to protect users and tolls stored in the system. There are upper and lower trip bars, safety flaps and rear photocells to make sure workers and all the tools are stored safely. The MegaStar design reduces unnecessary emergency stops and the associated machine wear, while increasing productivity.

Safe and Secure Tool Storage with MegaStar Vertical Lift Modules

MegaStar Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) for Tool Storage

The automotive company was also concerned with the sensitivity of some of their expensive measuring instruments and they wanted them to be stored as carefully as possible. The MegaStar Vertical Lift Module is equipped with “soft start” and “soft stop” features to make sure that sensitive instruments are stored and retrieved both quickly and safely. Additionally, stored tools are protected from dust and dirt in the enclosed Vertical Lift Module.

MegaStar Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) Design and Installation Services

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, installation, maintenance, and relocation services for all of MegaStar Vertical Lift Modules. For more information on MegaStar Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) click here to contact us or call toll free 1-800-803-1083 for a free storage analysis by one of our material handling storage specialists.


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