automated storage retrieval systems automotive industryWhat motivates automotive dealerships to invest in automated storage and retrieval systems such as vertical storage carousels? Some would have you believe it stems from the increased ergonomics, security, and space savings provided. While they have a substantial impact on the decision-making process, the primary driving force behind the purchasing process is an easily integrated inventory management software program called Power Pick Global (PPG).

What is it about the software program that has captivated automotive dealerships’ attention? It’s the ability to manage inventory, along with facilitating faster, more efficient, and accurate picking processes. PPG software is an open architecture solution that easily interfaces with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to allow better inventory control management and more efficient cycle counts. This article will explore the PPG software in connection with vertical storage carousels for automotive dealerships. The article will also demonstrate the space-saving, security, and ergonomics benefits of the vertical carousels. Click here to find out more about our line of automated storage and retrieval systems.

How does vertical storage carousel software improve inventory cycle counts?

automotive vertical storage carouselsVertical storage carousel software, Power Pick Global, speeds parts cycle counts by providing precise transaction reporting based on what parts enter and exit the automated machine in real-time. Vertical carousels with PPG improves customer service while reducing labor costs within your parts department. Your employees no longer waste valuable time walking the aisles and pulling shelf bins to count the parts manually. Instead, they can concentrate on serving customers, shop mechanics, and other tasks essential to maintaining day-to-day operations.

The inventory management software also allows you to track transactions based on usage, helping to eliminate inventory discrepancies and ensure more accurate inventory audits. Some external automotive inventory software firms even recommend PPG as a preferred interface accessory for more efficient automotive parts inventory management and cycle counting accuracy. Through the use of the software, dealerships have the power to complete cycle counts with increased frequency and avoid a year-end shut down for inventory counting.

How can the automated storage and retrieval systems’ software save dealerships’ time?

vertical storage carousels softwareWith support from PPG, you don’t have to worry about the problems mentioned above. To assure you, our own Automotive Storage Specialist, Brandon Baird, spoke about the timesaving benefits available through using vertical storage carousels with PPG inventory management software.  

Mindful that parts storage units vary and dealerships differ in size and scope, he said it’s typical to see up to four employees manually counting, picking, and restocking parts. However, that number can decrease to one or two workers when using the PPG software in conjunction with automated storage and retrieval systems. Along with significant time savings, facilities see a considerable improvement in order picking efficiency, accuracy, and morale while refocusing manpower to other customer service activities. 

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To help you understand the timesaving benefits when conducting inventory cycle counts, Brandon said, “the software is always running and is easily programmable to perform cycle counting multiple times per day or week as often as you need reports. Compared to traditional cycle counting methods, the PPG software will provide a more efficient and accurate account of your parts inventory.” To initiate the cycle counts, The parts manager has complete control on setting parameters for assigning times and dates for cycle counts. 

It is not required to purchase vertical storage carousels to use the software because the software will work in conjunction with or without the carousels. For example, the software will manage inventory in bulk racks or offsite storage too. 

How does the vertical storage carousels’ software help dealerships control inventory usage?

To simplify your understanding of the concept, Brandon provided an example focused on managing time-sensitive materials with expiration dates. Items like batteries that have a limited shelf life can be time-stamped for First-in, First Out (FIFO) inventory management. 

When used with a vertical carousel, the software can limit access to certain shelves to protect expensive and sensitive parts from access based on selective administrative rights when using an ID badge or pin code. 

How does this automated storage and retrieval system promote ergonomics and save space?

automotive dealerships automated storage retrieval systemsAutomotive dealerships looking to use vertical storage carousels in their parts rooms will experience some huge benefits. The vertical storage carousel maximizes space and promotes safety for employees. The vertical storage carousels reduce the floor space requirement by 70% to 80% versus traditional parts room storage shelving. The carousels do this by storing parts vertically instead of horizontally. Typical parts room shelving is 8″ to 10″ deep with access aisles in between shelving rows taking up valuable floor space. The vertical carousels, on the other hand, operate like a Ferris Wheel storing parts from 12’ to 60’ high depending on the overhead space available. Parts bins used in shelving can be placed into the carousel, making the conversion to carousels simple. Operators push a button to facilitate carrier (shelf) movement and ensure quick delivery of stored parts to a waist-high ergonomic access window. 

No one knows this better than a local automotive dealership who chose vertical carousels to reduce the square footage of their parts room. Using the vertical storage carousels allowed them to save 2,500 square feet in their parts room, which resulted in being able to add an extra revenue-generating service bay. 

Traditional parts room shelving requires employees to bend, twist, reach, and climb on ladders to access parts. Bending, twisting, reaching, and climbing can leave pickers vulnerable to injury that leads to workers’ compensation claims and productivity loss. Employees also found retrieving heavy items like batteries easier since the carousel delivers items to a waist-height counter. Click here to explore our available automotive storage solutions

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