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Medical Device Manufacturing Storage Systems

medical device manufacturing parts handling vertical lift moduleMedical device manufacturing distributors are required to meet various storage and quality control regulations mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which can be challenging. Manufacturers must develop procedures in accordance with these regulations to prevent contamination, mixups, deterioration, and other forms of damage during the parts handling, distribution, and stock rotation process. With a growing number of new and improved medical devices, it's also a challenge for manufacturers to manage and track this inventory and can lead to data errors, inconsistency, and the risk of distributing obsolete or rejected devices. Automated storage systems such as vertical carousels, horizontal carousels, and vertical lift modules are designed to store medical devices efficiently and provide accurate and fast parts handling, distribution, and stock rotation to ensure compliance with stringent regulations while reducing operating costs. Click here to learn more about automated parts handling and distribution.

Automated Medical Device Manufacturing Benefits

Stock Rotation

Combined with vertical storage and retrieval systems, automated stock rotation programs provide electronic documentation and ensure that expired or rejected devices are not shipped. Non-conforming products are segregated and tracked to prevent accidental release.

Picking Validation

parts handling distribution stock rotation medical devicesThe system requires order pickers to scan a barcode to verify parts and serial numbers to ensure the correct pick. This improves picking accuracy and can be configured to verify items by material, location, lot, or serial number to further prevent errors. This additional inventory control can reduce operating costs.

Full Traceability

Each picked medical device is documented and can be easily tracked back to the original order, allowing the manufacturer to know who purchased each serial number at any time. The inventory management software automated and documents the full stock rotation procedures in accordance with regulation policies. Pick and put reports can be filtered, sorted, and printed with a complete history of all transactions by user ID, date/time, and material identification.

Click here for more information about automated medical device storage.

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