Slide-Out Pegboard Tool Walls

On average, technicians spend about 20 minutes searching for the right tool for the job. If they can’t find what they need, they either spend more time searching or just use whatever tools are readily available but may not be properly suited for the task. Sliding pegboard tool wall panels, hangers, and displays on vertical slide-out tracks provide multiple benefits to enhance productivity, efficiency, security, organization, and save floor space. See the video above to see how it works. (See videos see videos)

Sliding Vertical Pegboards on Tracks

sliding pegboard tool wall panel hangerThe sliding pegboard tool walls are easy to use for a practical storage and display solution for tools and equipment. They’re great for storing, organizing, and displaying gaskets, belts, parts, hoses, and other items, for example. These items are typically difficult to store on regular shelving, which hampers organization and retrieval speeds.

Its unique design takes up significantly less space than traditional shelving, too. With vertical slide-out tracks, the system nests the tool walls together in one compact footprint to keep them out of the way when not in use. When someone needs to retrieve an item from the pegboard, they simply slide the panel out for complete access. The sliding pegboard system is freestanding and does not need to be attached to the floor, allowing you to place it anywhere you want and move it easily. It only requires 21.5 sq. ft of floor space, but provides 172 sq. ft of storage. The system can hold up to 10 pegboard tool walls, making them ideal for applications of varying sizes and activity levels.

wall panel hanger display vertical slide out tracks

The slide-out tracks also provide all the organizational benefits of pegboards without taking up space. Tools are easy to see, making it fast and easy to take inventory and prevent theft. Items like gaskets, hoses, and belts are also best stored in a hanging position. And with a maximum load of 2,205 lbs (220 lbs per panel), you can store all types of items with varying weights and sizes.

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